Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

The giant has enough talents to make them one of the strongest external works of the league, but Cruz has recently had a hidden danger, http://whatthehellamiagreeingto.com he has been absent 12 games in the past two seasons. If he can’t play this Sunday night, Beckham will definitely focus on opponents.

This picture we are at http://www.nfl.com/teams/profile?team=la. This link is discovered. That’s right, it shows the Los Angeles ram page, and this page has always existed, then does it mean that the NFL decided to let the ram move to the west?

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport is known as the report of the informed people in Brown Saturday, the seventh round of the seventh round of the selection of the selection of the selection of the selection of the seventh round of the San Francisco, got the three-way selection of career bowls to abandon the hand Andy Andy Lee.

Brown has replaced the ball and long players, and now it is in the past. In the case where Brown will use the control of the ball, it is difficult for the entire season that can be difficult to advance in the whole season, and the transaction can be understood from the abandonment of the players who have the excellent ability.

According to reports, the Dolphin Players treat Philin does not treat the respect of the coach. He is very bad with the player. Many puzzles are encountered in the Most of the Turban Time for nearly four years. The 2013 season was destroyed by «bullying door». In the past two seasons, dolphins were collapsed at the stage of competition in the December.

This year, it was considered to be different, because the offensive group continued to have a good lineup and the defensive front line had many talents. But the dolphins are currently at the Eastern Union, they have no direction in the offensive group and the defensive group. Even in the first week of dolphins, their offensive groups cannot be advanced forward, and their propulsion code is less than the opponent Washington red skin.

External hand Cruz continues to train training due to calf injuries

The New York Giants have begun to prepare the first Sunday Night Race on the new season of the Dallas Cowboy in the case of the Victor cruz.

Considering the high expectation value for dolphins before the season, they have a bad record this season, but it may be the way the dolphins will make the Philbin lost the handsome. Dolphins on the week, the game, Buffalo, Buffalo, is the worst event of the team’s worst, in the London, they have no power to the New York jet. 27-14 score mislead people, the whole game in addition to relying fouled outside the dolphins can not promote, defend nothing up front for the fourth consecutive game performance.

A few weeks ago, Beckham was too depressed, so he took the helmet and hit the ball network, but the ball is not polite, and the baby seems to be seen after being smashed. The video of a time crying and playing nets was ridiculed by netizens, but now everything is better!

We all know that the ram has stayed in Los Angeles, but interesting is that this picture can only be connected to the ram and can not link to the Auckland raid, the latter is also in Los Angeles 20 years ago.

In Sunday Night, Beckham facing the Green Bay packaging work for the first time in the season, his mind will definitely fight against him, so he ran to the ball. After experiencing a few milliseconds of the fierce ideological struggle, Beckham decided to abandon him, he warmly hugged the ball.

«When they are removed, they found that this is not a cyst, which is a tumor,» Williams said. «This cancer is called bulge DFSP very rare soft tissue cancer. They realize that this is a problem I encountered. Obviously, five years later, when the tumor than I am beginning to be a lot bigger.»

Lang Ning was ranked first in 39.2 yards in the season. Lee is ranked 15th, Li Take 39.6 yods, but the old one in the union of 11 years will be selected in the sixth round of 49 people in 2004. Occupational bowls and never missed competition.

Miami Dolphins announced in Monday that they have already solved the employer Joe-Philbin (Joe Philbin). During the dolphins, the Dolphin was 24 wins and 28th, and he did not enter the playoffs. At the end of the season, he still survived.

According to «Washington Post» reported, Williams said again a few weeks later, the tumor and the brain will encounter life-threatening. Williams also said he needed to be examined every six months to ensure that there is no tumor regrowth.

Williams revealed that after being misdiagnosed, Washington Redskins on Thursday issued a statement calling NFL Management Board of the Joint Committee was established with the NFL Players Association re-examination of the medical records and treatment Williams had suffered.

«I guess someone took the time and effort to figure out really aware of what really happened,» Williams explained. «Play more important. I mean for me and more important. I was told it was a small problem, so I really did not question them. In recent years the lump continued to grow. This is worrying, but do not pain. If those who are entrusted to my career told me no problem, then I have no problem. this is the way I look at injuries. »

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