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Are you thinking of experimenting with nostrings sex sites? We have found that smartphones are the easiest way to find a partner. Here are some of the best sex sites for non-binding dates.

Some people turn to dating sites for true love, while others pick up their smartphones and look for singles who are interested in fun events in their area. Who can blame you if you fall into the latter camp, or if you’re thinking about non-attached sex?

After all, sex does have health benefits, from maintaining a healthy and hygienic vagina to getting a good night’s sleep. As long as you are open about the game and prioritize your safety while having a good time, it is not shameful to be a woman looking for sex.

«There’s no reason why people over the age of 40 shouldn’t enjoy having sex with millennials as much as they do,» says Monika Kriegis, a sex and relationship expert at just-a-fling.com. Monica advises couples and individuals on the strengths and weaknesses of no-string sex for over 20 years. Before you start downloading the best sex sites, Monica advises you to think about having fun between the seats with someone who may never come back.

There are some signs to keep in mind when considering whether a sex site is right for you.

«Of course, the most important thing is that there are many potential partners in your area,» says Monica.

«So I don’t limit myself to one page. Join a few people who seem to fit your needs. Most of the time, we offer free hookup trials so don’t go out first. But you can evaluate whether it suits you.

«Every dating is essentially looking for sex,» says Monica. «But many dates are primarily looking for relationships and then for sex. Therefore, meeting this type of person can be frustrating if the main goal is sex.»

Online If you meet someone at and are ready to meet in person, to be safe, you don’t know.

Monica suggests:

Make sure the person is confirmed on the website. This means that they are unlikely to impersonate someone other than themselves because they identify themselves to their account on the website.

Let’s meet in a neutral place, surely in the early stages. Tell your friends where you are going and who you are with. Keep your smartphone turned on. Be very careful when returning to a stranger’s home if you feel uncomfortable in any way, especially if you drink too much.

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