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Ramir Run Run Guelley will participate in the training camp

The rookie of the St. Louis Ram is a must for adapting to NFL seconds. The first round of the 10th time selected Super Run will participate in the team’s upcoming training camp. The official of the ram has confirmed that the name of Galley will appear in the list of activation.

Ramal Miller is expected to get more offensive opportunities

Miami Dolphin Main Run Wemar Miller last season contributed the best performance in his career, his season, the scorpion codes, and the number of reached a new high. The followed is a puzzled puzzle: Why is Ramal Miller as good, but the dolphins is always limited to his number of buses?

Les Snead issued a comment on the physical condition of Galley for the first time. He confirmed that Galley can participate in the corresponding football activities and will participate in the training camp in a health state. Galley’s recovery speed is still surprised, after the knee injury is only 8 and a half months, he is close to healing. Prior to this, Galli has been carrying rehabilitation training in the training camp voluntarily involved in the team.

Miller will enter the contract this year, more offensive opportunities will be conducive to his commentary in the free player market to seek a big contract. He also gains 15 pounds in the offset period to increase its own confrontation. He is definitely the most worth watching players in dolphins this year.

Next season, Cowbi’s current defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli will serve as a high-level defensive teaching, wholesale nfl jerseys and Richard will serve as a full-time defensive coordinator. According to Labott, Highly recommended Web-site the cowboy high-level and players trust Richard.

«I am very fortunate, thank God to make my body have such a feeling,» said Engram on Tuesday. «I stayed in a great team, they took care of me, I feel at least 4 to 5 years to high level & mdash; & mdash; highest level & mdash; & mdash; performance participation in competition. I feel able to do it. Arrive. Honest said that I really think. My body feels very good. My mobile capability is very good. I didn’t really drag my own problems. If I have such a problem, I will work hard to improve the body rehabilitation, strengthen Strength, so all my weaknesses will become an advantage. I just want to be the best player, I want to enter the best row. «

«Any Americans want to raise salary,» Ben Nite said. «I think no one will participate in the work and then say: & lsquo; Hey, I am very satisfied with the current salary. I like so much salary. Don’t give me more money. & Rsquo; so I think so.»

After winning 10 times in the last season, the number of opponents lost the number of horses, and after the first time entered the professional bowl, the Nelt was still 2 years, in 2014 he signed a 4-year value of $ 28.5 million. Contracts.

McLene is one of the merits of the gifted people in the Cowboos. If he can’t play this week, then the team must be more important in restricting the Green Bay packaging team to run Guidi-Lusi Lace. Pay some effort.

Engaged in the 10th season of your career got a career in the last season. The third scorpion code broke the thousand seasons & mdash; & mdash; three seasons were obtained in the past four years. His 1018 yards earned last season helped the crow season to advance 3296 yards, set the number of teams of the team’s single seasons, and Lamar Jackson became the second pair of double-doubles in history. Running — quadrant combination.

Philin said: «I said, if he can always maintain speed and impact on the basis of 24 times a game, I will guarantee health, I definitely definitely limit him. But I think Sometimes you still have to get our ground offensive system. «Philbin explained that dolphins often adopt optional attacks, this is actually a potential running opportunity for Miller design, but this is certainly not traditional offensive. «I think the option offensive results in Miller’s scorpion, it seems to be reduced.» Philbin added.

Last Sai Miller did not have a race in the race of 19 times, 9 of which had no more than 14 times. Joe Philbin said that he is very willing to let Miller participate in the team attack in the new season. He said in an interview: «I never tied with Bill Razol (Bill Lazor, Dolphin Offense Coordinator) or Jeff Nixon (Jeff Nixon, Dolphin Run Guard) and other offensive front coaches said & lsquo; Miller can’t be a squat 20 times, he doesn’t work & rsquo; this kind of words, I have never heard of this argument. «

In addition, the defensive guard coach and defensive tactical layout Chris Richard will continue to stay in cowboy. He used to be one of the candidates of the dolphin master, but the dolphins is more inclined to sign against the Patriots Line Guard Coach Brian Flores.

«Obviously, we have won the dream and ambition of the championship, unfortunately, we failed to play the best performance in the game,» Engraham talked about this playoffs. «To praise the group of Titan. They use it for some of our mistakes. The gap is too big to save, our time is not enough.»

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