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Former cheap Nfl jerseys from china players sued surgeon with the name of work derelictionBeijing November 7, according to the statement released by lawyers, Brad Sohn, former Victorian defensive ends, SHARRIF FLOYD, will sue the surgeon James Andrews (James Andrews and Andrews Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, he believes that when you accept your knee surgery in September 2016, you have encountered permanent nerves and muscle damage and claim $ 180 million.

Freud said that the doctor inform you to accept knee mirror surgery and is expected to be absent from 3-4 weeks. But he finally accepted «more complex surgery», and the right leg nerves and muscles were therefore permanent injury. Freud and his lawyer believe that this damage is caused by the Andrews Institute.

Recently, reporters revealed that Fitz Patrick has said that I would rather not playing the contract with the jet. This is really a surprising answer. It is reported that the jet is only willing to pay him 700-8 million gold per season, but he hopes to get 13 million people’s income.

«But ultimately,» Bris said. «For our players, we can only pay attention to what we can control. So you understand that the referee is not easy, and it is penalized a penalty for the correct penalty in the whole game. It may be able to enter the super bowl The end of the national contest is not a good thing. This is a very obvious leakage. «

All the reason is because the first quarter of the first quarter-free Ryan Fitzpatrick is still unable to renew the team. The biggest reason for both parties is that Fitz Patrick adheres to their contractual price, and I hope that I can get the biggest interest in the free market.

«I think we all understand this position, you are the face of the league. You have a responsibility to stand out after things,» Bris said. «I want to get some degree of response on Monday or on Tuesday after the end of the game.»

Bengals star wide receiver AJ- outside the Green (A.J.Green) this season has been plagued by a toe injury, the original number two wide receiver Marvin — Jones (Marvin Jones) did not play a season already. For now Thanou is to show their best time, fortunately he’s a very good grasp. Bengals coach Marvin — Lewis (Marvin Lewis) in an interview, said: «By the time we had Sanou would look forward to him to play such a performance, and he has been in Malvern — Jones competition, and now he grasp the opportunity to compete in the lead, is great. «

eagles-10-jackson-blue-JerseyGeneral Manager of Jet: Will contact safe Guamar — Adams after the draftAlthough only for the New York jet for 3 seasons, the names of Jamal Adams have appeared in the transaction rumors twice. But it seems that he will not go.

Of course, send Yadang, undoubtedly let the jet fans are disappointed, this security is the most dazzling core player in the team’s defensive group. But before, it is reported that Adams will ablate the team virtual offset training. If both parties can’t repair the relationship, then his walk is unavoidable.

Joe Douglas, General Manager Joe Douglas, talked about Adams on Monday, and he said that the team plans to contact Adams after the draft. Douglas expressing a jet «plan to let Jamal stay here for a long time.»

II took over the Tigers outside the Green the perfect replacement AJ-In the eighth week of the game, Cincinnati Bengals Baltimore Ravens tough home win not only ended the three victorious, but also occupy a very favorable position to compete in the same area. And the game outside the Tigers took Mohammed — Sanou (Mohamed Sanu) is one of the teams to win the hero. Thanou won the field 5 catches for a career-high 125 yards and another two scored 27 rushing yards, the most critical is the final moments when facing third gear conversion Sanou winning the ball 53 yards for the Tigers the final comeback basis.

If Thanou has been to maintain the current pace, he will be expected to get 80 catches for 1200 yards and 7 touchdowns, although Green Hou Sanu return data is bound to decline, but he has to prove himself with outstanding performance is a reliable offensive weapon.

In 16 weeks, Lower Dallas cowboy, 17 weeks of great victory is to ensure the key part of the seating seat. Eagle that suffers from troublesome, you need to have more newcomers, run away from Boston Scott, and take over the front of the stroke. Less contribution.

Briser’s dissatisfied alliance president Gudel’s treatment attitude towards the refereeNew Orleans Saints Drew Brees spent 10 days for Roger Goodell, which spent 10 days, publicly made comments on the mistakes encountered in the national contest. dissatisfied.

This decline will be broadcast in the Amazon documentary series all or nothing. This eight-episode document will still be a narrator by Jon Hamm, focusing on the details of the colors and the insessment.

At the age of only 24 years old, Adams was selected in the last season and was selected for two consecutive seasons. He was in his career peak, and he would not be easy to deal. But it seems that there is a gap between players and teams. It has been reported that the jet is at least once again listened to Adams at least once last year. So the jet is not completely impossible for Jets.