Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

US Time Monday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, the rickets and Hunfrins have renewed about $ 45 million contracts. Salary includes $ 29 million security, 30 million US dollars will be paid within two years.

In the game lost to Indiana, Eli Manning has an abnormal 52 pass. If New York runs on the battle West Yattle, it is so generally so Manning, it has to bring the game into pass. The rhythm of the competition.

Robert Gronoski: Joining pirate is mainly closer to the motherThe world knows Robert Rob Gronowski (Tom Brady). Many people think that Braddy is the reasons for Gulithi to return from retired states and joined Tampawan pirates. But reality is not completely.

Now Thalesk has made this clarification, and it seems that Rivers will still stay in San Diego. Taylesk explained: «Just as I said before, we are very willing to work with Rivers, we are looking forward to what he is ready.»

Rivos once said in an interview with San Diego, he would like to go to Los Angeles to play, and do not intend to renew with the team before the end of the contract of 2016, he wants to keep your future firmly in his hand. After this incident, people put them with the first round of the Titani team of Tennes.

Lightning Team clearly said that it is not traveled.According to Nfl’s famous media people Ian Rapoport, the San Diego Flashing Team did not trade in the PHILIP RIVERS in this course. Tom Telesco confirmed this news this week this week: «We have never thought about it.»

Peterson’s case will also accept the Alliance to use cheap nfl jerseys from china Personal Behavior Regulations. From the perspective of the field, Viking’s offense seems to be lost in the event of the burden of Peterson. His regression should be able to stabilize the team and allow the quartz-Cassel (Matt Cassel) to serve as a player who maintains attack instead of his 36 times in the game. Peterson’s case is far from over, but after the experience happened this week, the Viking people feel that the legal procedure is most in line with the team interests.

The last season is Hunfris’s first full-service debut. With the new Shuai Clev, Kliff Kingsbury, Kyler Murray, Johor, and the anti-Ramp offense showed significant improvement, Henfris is more indispensable. One ring.

Viking people with justified legal proceedings (Due Process, Note: The US Constitution stipulates that in addition to the legitimate legal procedures, the freedom or property) will be eligible for recovery of the team logo. The following is a complete statement of Viking Boss Qiji-Wilf (Zygi Wilf) and Mark Wilf (Mark Wilf):

«Everyone will ask me, & lsquo; is Tom to let you come to Tampa? & Rsquo; Ok, Of course Tom has played role in Tampa, and there is also a chance to go to Tampa,» Geloski In an interview, it is expressed. «But Tom is like appetizer, there is some reason. I love the weather there, but the main course, the main reason I came to Tampa is like this is just 2 hours from my mother.»

«It is clear that we are very serious about any event involving children’s welfare. But now, we think that this matter is related to just as a legal process, we should allow legal systems to continue, so we have made the most effective decision, we Troning the right countermeasures. This is a road that is difficult to correct the direction, our focus is to do the right thing. We currently think that our most appropriate countermeasure is to allow legal procedures to continue to advance.

Jennings will not go with the giant to SeattleThe giant had to rely on at least one of them to rely on a rookie to run Wei Andre, Willia Williams. According to local media Sunday, the veteran Rashad Jennings is the lack of lack of knee injury, it will not follow the team to Seattle, and the official is included in the list of difficult play. Jen Ning The absence is not surprising. The same defensive dishaps, Cullen Jenkins, Corghow Zack, Zack Bowman, Mathias Kiwanuka, is listed on Sunday. Question list.

After a surprise in the preseason, Williams is now struggling in the back of New York. This rookie has not only 4 yards since the fourth week, and 12 shots are lost in the game on Monday night. Take the 22 yards, the second-year running guards of the giants, the MICHAEL COX and PEYTON HILLIS, looks more efficient.

Qi Mo talks about the old Wallace: I love himExternal Hand Mike Mike Wallace left a failure experience in Minnesotavi. However, when recalling this reference, Viking Mike Mike (Mike Zimmer) said not regret. In the last week’s memories, Qi Mo revealed in an interview that he would like Wallace very much, there are many things more important than money.

Adrian Peterson will play the third week of competitionMinnesota Weizhen Local Time announced on Monday morning, Adrian Peterson will fully participate in training and is expected to play the game against New Orleans Saints. Peterson was accused of being accused of reckless or negligence on Fruits, Piteson did not enter the game in the game, who did not pay in the new England patriot.

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