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Figs are generally referred to as Anjeer in Hindi.

They may be little candy and one of the pleasurable fruits that could help in weight reduction if fed on as part of your everyday weight-reduction plan. Because these contain a lot of plant compounds, protein, low in calories, antioxidants, and amino acids, minerals.

You can also check the top 10 fruits for weight loss.

You can eat figs both in their fresh form and as dry fruit. They offer a diffusion of health blessings for the human body.

What are figs Or Anjeer?

Figs are soft fruits coated with thin skin, multimineral supplements teardrop-shaped can be found either green or purple and can be eaten dried with sweets or in savory dishes.

Figs are soft, pear fashioned culmination with thin pores and skin and many seeds inner of them. They're sweet culmination you can eat while ripe or after drying. Fig bushes are one of the earliest fruit bushes to be cultivated in human history.

In reality, ancient texts from diverse religions mention the fig tree in distinctive testimonies. The primary fig plants are indigenous to a place that extends from northern India to turkey. Figs are believed one of the healthiest fruits. Most people love to eat dry figs because of excessive sources of minerals and vitamins.

However they can naturally develop in heat areas of maximum Mediterranean countries, wherein the fruit is known as «the negative guy's food. These are low in calories each fig 2.2 ounces contains only 47 calories. Consuming figs for weight loss is a good choice because these are low calories than the expenditures.

Different Types OF Figs

International propagation has paved the way for so many figs, now reaching around 800 named varieties. Due to these much types of figs have confused people and terminology as well. But keep in mind these are different varieties in different regions with a different name. Let's go over popular famous and best types and benefits of figs you might stumble upon in the United States.

  • ALMA
  • Dried figs


That white Adriatic fig medium-large size, green to yellow skin fruits that have an excellent sweet flyover and grown in the origin central Italy. These are also known as white figs because of their mild color. That has unsurpassed failover after ripening on the tree. The name suggests it originated from countries surrounding the Adriatic Sea.


Alma figs were propagated at the A&M University in 1974 and have proven themselves as great figs for the southern United States. Its trees have dark green foliage and require full to partial sun. They are usually rounded or pear-shaped green fruits that ripen to yellow or brown. Alma Anjeers are widely-cultivated fig plants that produce medium-sized fruits. The small to medium-sized golden brown pear-shaped fruit has a great and excellent sweet rich flavor. Alma figs have very sweet amber or pink flesh.


First introduced by Franciscan and also referred to as the Franciscan Fig, missionaries to San Diego in 1768. Black mission figs have become very popular in the US. Many experts consider that tree fruit to be the best of the other variety for the United States.

Black mission Anjeers are also low in calories and high in fiber. Dietitians suggest eating figs can be helpful for weight loss and for good health. This fig tree is great for jellies, jams, and healthy on-the-go snacking. Ripening summer to fall. There are a lot of benefits of black missions figs and bring you a huge crop of figs. It is a variety that bears so much fruit if planted in the right climate. Dried figs help from high blood pressure, skin softness, heart diseases, and many more.


Brown Turkish figs are famous due to their fruit and foliage, producing fruits twice each year. It has a sweet flavor as the mixtures of apple and pears. Each brown turkey fig is a lean source of protein and low in calories that can be beneficial for weight loss. Research suggests a daily intake of 3% calories and these sweetened figs are three times of calories. Each large fig contains carbohydrates, protein, minerals, and vitamins for the healthy diet plan. Although! it is called the brown Turkey fig, But it has pale or deep purple skin.


The name Calimyrna comes from a combination of California and Smyrna. Latter is the type of fig cut imported from Turkey to California, where it then flourished. Calimyrna figs are the US version of the Smyrna fig. This cultivar surpassed the popularity of the black mission fig because of its nutty taste.

Also called sugar figs, Celeste figs taste exceptionally sweet. Additionally, Celeste figs are considered one of the hardiest types, so you might want to consider this cultivar when planting in cooler climates. Even figs Calimyrna leaves are also beneficial for our health.

Calimyrna benefits

  • Skincare
  • Help to control blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Lean Sources of vitamin C
  • Vitamin C Help in the growth of Wight blood cells
  • Fights against acne and blackhead
  • Cancer preventions
  • Calimyrna figs protect and kill viruses
  • Eating Calimyrna figs are good for weight loss
  • Can heal your stomach


Like the celeste fig, the Chicago fig is also a hardy cultivar. There are many cultivars, but the Chicago Hardy Fig is growing in popularity. That Anjeer care involves growing your plant in full sun or partial shade in moist, well-drained soil. Keep the first year of planting well-watered to establish a strong root system. The Chicago Hardy Fig is known to grow very well in most temperate regions. People grow that fig tree in the house for decoration purposes as well. A Chicago fig tree grows well even in containers, and it has a high yield of sweet mahogany fruits.

Because it is relatively new to the United States, there are still many people who have not enjoyed the fruit of this tree. That may be about to change as more and more people find out its benefits. So you should know about the use and benefits of its parts. These can be fruit, flower, leaves, stem, or seeds too. There are a lot of benefits of Chicago hardy figs like protecting and helping in asthma, diabetes, and constipation but the best is used for weight loss.


There are two types' fruits one is the fruits other one is to turn to dry fruits. Desert King Figs are one of the best varieties to grow in the Northwest. Desert king figs are the endemics plant fruits. Endemic plant fruits mean the ecological state, A plant belongs to a simple one region.

This focus is a tasty fruit addition to the collection. Large, textured sandpaper-like leaves shade the ripening fruit. Figs with green-yellow skin are slightly spotted and very large. It can produce abundant yellowish-green fruits that have a rich, sweet flavor in its strawberry-colored flesh. Desert king figs can be enjoyed fresh or dried and helpful for health like weight loss, against diseases.


The Kadota fig is the same as the Dottato fig of Italy. In Kadota Anjeer, most of the stomata around the ostiole were round. While the stomata around the equatorial zone and near the pedicle were longer and had a wider peristomal border and large guard cells. Kadota figs had smooth skin with less epicuticular wax and dust particles on the skin surface.

First released by Louisiana State University in 2001, the LSU Gold Fig is a delicious yellow fig with light red to pink flesh. Future work could assess the possibility of increasing the shelf life of the fig by using a combination of ozone treatment and the application of a layer of edible wax. Cottage Garden's mature Kadota fig is flexible, yellow-green on the outside and guava pink on the inside. They are sweet, although they do not taste like honey in any way.


For the treatment of wrinkles, glowing skin, and cosmetics. In addition to its primary use as an edible product, Kadota fig is suitable for the following landscape applications. Accent Shade Hedges.

Screening, General, Garden, Use Container Planting that can be any other type either dried or fresh.

Kadota fig trees are beautiful ornamental fruiting plants with a bold, branching structure during the winter season.


Available since 1991, the medium size, dark purple LSU fig has good resistance to foliage diseases. You can eat as fresh is or can turn into dry fruit as well. These figs are good for weight loss and can be beneficial in medicine as well. The LSU purple fig can produce two crops each year. These Fruits are medium size with mid flavor and turn red after ripening.


This great figs tree produces tasty fruit brown with sweet amber to strawberry red fresh flash. The O'Rourke fig is a cross between a celeste fig and a caprifig, designed to be more productive in good quality fruit. Figs good for weight loss no doubt but that one consider the best one because of its renewed for the production, habits and help against the several diseases.

11. Dried figs

Dried Anjeer (scientifically ficus) is the dried kind of fig fruit that evolves on the fig tree. Dry Anjeer or ficus figs are one of the first cultivated trees in all the world in a moderate climate. These figs are good for weight loss and can be eaten in a fresh form or in a dried form. Most people prefer to consume fresh ficus figs in the production areas. Clean figs are well-known for their juicy and luscious texture which is ideal for 1 to two weeks after being harvested.

Then again, dried figs are available in the course of the 12 months. It has a longer shelf life in evaluation than the sparkling ones. Dried figs are the oldest plant grown. Fresh or dried fruits are used for human and animals food. It is dried in the sun or extra water is discarded through a dehydration system with the aid of leaving in the back of a fiber, irons, calcium, phosphorus, and nutrient-wealthy snack.

Amazing health benefits of Eating Figs «Anjeer»

Anjeer to cure constipation

Figs are very useful for health, fitness, and the great sources of minerals, fiber, and vitamins. It is a natural laxative that enables save you from constipation and other digestive issues consisting of irritable bowel syndrome. As nowadays constipation is a common disease facing many people. And these are very helpful to get rid of diseases. Because figs are packed with an excellent amount of fiber and other nutrients that can help indigestions. Soak 2-three dried figs in water and depart them in a single day. Consume them in the morning and try this daily for a month, every morning, to relieve constipation.

Figs For heart disease and kidney stones

Dried figs are loaded with antioxidants. Figs also the lean sources mineral that can be helpful against disease like for the heart-health! Magnesium, potassium, iron, and calcium. Anjeer, like tomatoes, cleanses our blood. Figs contain wealthy vitamins like vitamin E and vitamin C, for that reason, It acts as an antioxidant in our bodies. In keeping with a look, dried figs have excessive pleasant antioxidants that play a vital role in doing away with unfastened radicals. Even as stopping heart disease and kidney stones. If you can contact the doctor that will be great. Research suggests boiling 5 figs in a cup of water. Consume this every day for up to a month.

Anjeer improve bones

Especially for the women not only can use figs for weight loss they can also use for healthy bones. Anjeer is the excessive source of calcium that plays a vital role the bone strength and growth. Research suggests that can also help in bones pain. So emendations over the 50 age's women can enjoy it and lower back pain. One dried fig gives you 3 percentage calcium of your day-by-day calcium requirement. Figs fruits are also the source of potassium that is the essential part of the body's bones. Consume anger to reduce the chance of osteoporosis, prevent the thinning of bones, and loss of calcium from your body.

Can improve digestive wellness

Figs are a notable supply of prebiotics. Prebiotics can help the feature of probiotics that could assist enhance the digestion process and overall gut fitness. Commonly people intake prebiotics to aid in their digestion. Because they don't aware of naturally probates fruits. Figs are the best ones for weight loss and a healthy gut. Because figs contain prebiotic that feed to bacteria for a healthy gut and create a healthy environment as a result of digestive wellness. Being fiber-wealthy, additionally adds bulk to the stool, allowing everyday bowel movement.

Figs for fertility

One of the top reasons where cause infertility is an inadequate level of human hormones. That natural fruits are in rich a lot of benefits. The one is figs help infertility as well. Because of that reasons figs had been contemplated as love fruit because ancient Greek times, wherein figs were considered an image of fertility. This became later researched and turned into termed real based totally on its high iron content.

Several common problems among males are improper food, bad habits, drinking alcohol, not doing any workout and other reasons that may cause health issues. Besides weight loss benefit also contains the amount of other beneficial minerals, nutrients vitamins. A good amount of Iron can be found in the figs that perform a critical position within the complete ovulation procedure in girls.

Should improve coronary heart fitness

Figs are the excessive source of fiber, potassium and these are the two main factors that help to expose burn the extra fat from the body and strain from the coronary heart. That's why figs are good for weight loss. This can drastically help enhance the health of your heart. Due to these capabilities figs are also a first-rate source of antioxidants which are no longer most effective reduces the unfastened radicals. Also, figs help in cholesterol.

Figs Help burn calories

These have omega-three fatty acids in them and are said to burn extra calories within the muscle mass at some point in physical games. These fatty acids also help and protect the heart attack. Figs are in rich omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are not just beneficial for heart health to protect from a heart attack but also help in burning calories. You can eat figs for weight loss, fitness goals, or heart disease protection as well.

Boosts metabolism

Figs are filled with minerals like calcium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, and magnesium. Also, they are in rich fiber that makes you feel the full-length time that protects you from overeating as well. Most people eat figs for weight loss to remain fit and slim. They may be also loaded with nutrients and vitamins like Vitamin A and B, all of that is vital for the proper metabolism of the body.

Aids right digestion

Apart from the nutritional fiber that facilitates promote proper digestion. Including figs in a daily diet plan can play a vital role in healthy digestion. It's miles a digestive enzyme named fiction in figs that paintings well together with different enzymes protected by our digestive tract to digest meals quickly. A wholesome digestive machine is a key to losing weight as well as reducing stomach fat.

High fiber content material

Basically, fiber is a nutrient that is very helpful for health. Figs are excessive sources of fiber even fresh or dry figs. It consists of a big quantity of dietary fiber which continues the belly fuller for an extended duration of time.

Adding fiber to a daily diet plan is very helpful especially when you have high fiber food with low fat. This also enables in preserving a tab on the consumption of energy every day. With the presence of fiber within the fig. It allows in starting the bowel gadget which in return gives a boost to the digestive system.

Facilitates save you constipation

The high fiber content in figs enables retaining a healthy digestive machine. According to science and research constipation, a dangerous disease is caused due to aggravation of Vata dosha. The main factors can be sleeping late at night, junk food, depression, anxiety. Figs Anjeer is the best fruit to help and manage constipation due to its laxative properties hence additionally aiding in preventing constipation. Fibers are important for preserving regular bowel actions and food assets consisting of figs are found to help in easing digestion whilst eating up frequently.

Promotes bone fitness

Another benefit of figs is the best sources of vitamins as vitamin K and calcium this combination of both play a vital role in bone health care. Potassium amount counteracts increase the in urinary calcium loss that due to the high salt diet. Dried figs are a terrific supply of calcium.

The human body requires around 1000mg of calcium in step with day to satisfy each day's requirement of the mineral. Thereby that vitamin protects further thinner human body bones. Since calcium isn't produced by way of the body, what we devour completely contributes to the frame's requirement.

Regulates blood sugar

No doubt dry fruits are loaded with health beneficially nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Figs contain all these sources especially dried figs. The excessive potassium content in fig helps in regulating the blood sugar degree within the frame. Due to this chlorogenic acids or an excessive potassium food plan is consequently stated to assist diabetics.

Studies have also discovered that chlorogenic acid present in figs allows decreasing blood sugar degrees and managing blood-glucose degrees in kind of second diabetes.

Figs are the lean sources of fiber, minerals, and vitamins and can be eaten either fresh or dried. These are rich in nutrients calcium, potas .