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Buffalo Bell officially signed the outside hand Harvin

After leaching the rumor of Perth Harvin and Buffalo, there is reported that the 49 people in San Francisco are being signed him in the final battle.

Mingka-Fitz Patrick hopes to make more contributions to defense

Mingka-Fitzpatrick’s performance is worthwhile. He contributed 57 hugs for the steel man last season, 5 copies, forcing the ball, 5 times, and got the best lineup and professional bowl.

New Orleans Saints running back Mark — Ingram: to face competition

Beijing June 19 hearing New Orleans Saints running back Mark — Ingram (Mark Ingram) last season, his first in 16 games his first season, attendance and rushed the ball a few yards over a thousand.

«I like to make contributions, stay in my own position. I needed me to stay in the middle last season, the end result is also good. I will meet the requirements you need to win this season, whether it is a corner, line guard, Still, I will do it. «

This back Bill hopes that things can develop in a more positive direction. If this is true, introduce Harvin, Run Helgle, McCay, and close-end Arms (if the Miami dolphins do not match the contract of Bill) Sammy Watkins and Wholesale Jerseys Robert Woods, these players have given Bill’s possibility of better offensive firepower.

The fourth is the US Navy College, Jimmy Carter is a graduate of 1947, Navy College. The Super Bowl of the Naval College is a four-point guardian of the cowboy legendary four-point guard, «American captain», the first generation of «Wanfu Marie players» & mdash; Roger Staubach.

Dalton and your wife Jordan have always committed their own foundation and strive to help children in the hospital. It is reported that they have helped 73 families pay their medical expenses for their children.

Although there are more than 40 presidents in the history, there have been more than 30 quarters of the super bowl in history, but only 4 universities have produced the superb bowl, the first four-dimensional and US president.

Coach Sean — Payton (Sean Payton) the running back position competition called «Sweet trouble», he believes this will not cause trouble to the team. As long as the Saints can win, then Payton will prove he is right.

Harvium is a jet with a six-round sign cheap jerseys from china Seattle Hawks. It is smaller than the 2013 Hawow to trader him from Minnesota. The Hawks won the super bowl in the 2013 season, but Harvan almost a visitor almost all season, and then only 5 game Haiying traded Harva, and reported that Harwang is difficult to adapt to the sea eagle attack. The group is also a locomotive poison.

Fitz Patrick said: «At that time I joined last year, in fact, the understanding of the tactical book is not as good as it is now. The coach wants to make it simple, they have done it. I am very grateful to this. If the coach hopes that I hope that I will move I will move. Location, I will do. If they don’t want, I will listen. I hope to learn the current system as much as possible, let the coaches you want to use me. «

Run Guardrick — Henry can’t take about about Tennesi Titan

According to the inferry of Adam Schefter, the ADAM SCHEFTER, the Derrick Henry and Tennessee Titan are expected to sign a long time before the deadline on Wednesday.

Opportunity he made this achievement possible, and the second time the Saints in the offseason signing of Adrian — Peterson (Adrian Peterson) also make a number of contributions related. If Peterson can stay healthy in the new season and outstanding performance, then the opportunity will be reduced Ingram.

Ingram Peterson said last week agreed to let the two compete better argument together, he said he played for the Saints during the competition is not new, a lot of running back and he had to share playing time.

Last season, Henry scored 1540 yards, ranked first, and also achieved 16 times. He is therefore selection of professional bowls. In addition, Henry is the first player at least 180 yards in three consecutive games.

The sources said that Harvin has «100% to Bill», but the team officially announced this news until Wednesday morning. Bill is officially announced that Harvin is part of their 90 people. Harvin was worked with the current Bill coach Rex Ryan and the outer joked coach Sanja Lal during the 2014 season jet.

The patriot’s four-point Wei Tombradi is Kawu’s loyal supporter. He has a hat that is «a great great» hat. Breddy said when I was interviewed, «Sichuan is my good friend, I know him for a long time, I will support me all my friends.» Now Breddy is eliminated by Pedon Manning’s wild horses. This is also expressed in the President of Donald Sichuan, which will also support it, and put it high to the last moment of the first election in the party?

4 years agoThe superb bowl and the American election are all known to the United States

«Super Bowl» and presidential elections are two activities in modern American social participation. Data show that the number of views of the superblowns in 2008 and 2012 and the voting number of the presidential elections in the year is incomprehensible. Democracy, the Republican Party is like the two alliances of NFL, after the first election of the party, and finally select two representatives to participate in the «super bowl», which is the presidential election of the genuine.

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