Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

And Potsse recalled: «I have a great name for money from his university era. I heard this news at the time and thought about & lsquo; I can change money — Bailei & Rsquo; this is me into The third year of the league, and the money is already one of the best corners. So I can trader money is a honor. And they also attached a two-wheel draft, so I think I am too It’s hot. «

Briscited six reacted in three games, and completed 1 reached in the last section. His 7-reached record became a historical record of the Saint team. Although Manning lost the ball but completed six to the 10th person of the history of the history.

The Tiger Right True will receive surgery and determine the season reimbursementCincinnati loses an important player on the road in the shocking playoffs, the team’s right cut-offs Andre Smith will determine the arm surgery, Wholesale Jerseys which means his season has ended in advance. Earlier this season, NBC expert Chris Cris Collinsworth called him as the best right cutoff in the Alliance. With the deepening season, Smith’s performance has fallen, but he still makes great contribution to the team in terms of opening and pass protection.

In fact, this is not the first time that Corsong is involved in the acquisition team. In the past two years he was a professional indoor football league (PIFL), a first shareholder of a team in Pittsburgh. The 31-year-old Corsong said last year, he was very happy to become shareholders of some teams, which would help him expand their social levels, and they can preset the track in advance after retiring. In the interview last summer, he revealed: «For my identity, I am trying to do some changes. Some is the plan, some is a coincidence.»

So, I know that I am still not famous, I know that I will always be under other people on some lists. But I know who I am, I know how big it is, and I know that only one way can let others will not forget my name:

Smith has taken him in the first round of the first round in 2009 in 2009. Among the 6 seasons, Smith came 66 times, of which 57 times were gradually growing into a team an essential player. At present, the tiger has to use the former Green Bay packaging workers, Marshall Newhouse, replaced Smith reimbursement. In the past 3 weeks, his performance is not satisfactory, the team can only arrange a close-end or running guard to assist HOIS to defend against the opponent’s sideways.

The Parters went to the Red Leather to continue his 1500 yards in the wild season, and Beiler was also one of the best staring at the best in the wilderness in the wilderness. This is an example of a number of large players trading in the peak period. As he said in the wilderness team in October 2013: «I am shocked by the trading of P., I have never seen such a transaction. We usually see the use of draft Add to change, but use the professional bowl player to trader, and have never been. «

Brock from Texas Agricultural Machinery University, is a five-round show in Texas 2012. He was cut off by Texas in the 2015 season, and then played for jets, giants and steel people, followed by Tiger in December 2016, used to replace Mike Nugent.

Saints take over to become a venue football teamThe new Orleans Saint-Hander Maquis Collston has now become a shareholder of the venue Rugby League (AFL a rugby game in the room, a slightly less than NFL) team Philadelphia soul. This means that his current identity is not just a player, but also a small boss of a team. This team’s current largest shareholder, that is, the name of the boss is ESPN analyst, Ron Jaworski. He recently revealed to NFL, Corsong has bought some of the team’s shares.

Parters officially retired in August 2012, and the last game is in the 2010 season. And when Baile has followed the Denver wild horse in this year, he was the only super bowl of horses. Although finally lost to Seattle Hawks, but recalling the years, this old will say: «Leave the Red Leather Team It is an important turning point in my career. Otherwise I will get a super bowl. «

But as a new show, you don’t have such a big fault tolerance. Your performance must be higher than that far more than people’s expectations, and it is constantly doing. Just like a lot of buddies that have been ignored on the draft, I will use this. Take each gear on the field as a chance to prove that each person Ignore I can prove that they are wrong. As a new show, every game is overridden in and a draft, you have passed your team, and there is no one in your hands. There is no one to use it. Other team coaches, other team players, even some media experts, will think that you must have any problems in your body lead to you.

However, the number of money is still still there. Even if you prove yourself, it will always accompany you. The difference between the «bloodline» is: when you have the so-called «bloodline», everything you do is letting others confirm that you are elite; when you lack the so-called «bloodline», you do everything is for constant Prove that you can be an elite.