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On Wednesday, Harrison said he received an interview with this: «This thing is that your media tells me that I only know, this is okay, I don’t worry about this, no matter what the coach needs me. Because 39 years old can still It’s not bad to play. «

Bosa missed training, will not be able to play in the first weekSan Diego lightning is very likely to use their No. 3 Xiu Joe Yoji — Bosa in the first week. Bosa missed the training of local time on Wednesday, which means that he will have no chance to fully equip the team. For Bosa, the last participated in all equipment confrontation, but also to the beginning of the year, he represents the last time of Ohio State University.

Viking did not let Peterson play against New England patriots, but the team later announced that the 29-year-old player re-acquires the prequet qualification and can fully participate in training. He is expected to play in the third week of the game of New Orleans. In a statement published on Monday, he wrote, «I never want to hurt my son. If I go to court, I will say the same.»

Lady Gaga is a unique artist. Her fifth recorder album «Joanne» «Perfect Illusion» on October 21, on the list, the list of more than 60 countries. Her proud results also have: three consecutive albums were rated as the best album in the year, 6 Gremei Awards, and recently rated the annual females of «Notices». The global sales of the record reached 30 million, and the single global sales reached 15 million, and it became one of the most popular musicians in history. In the fall of 2015, Lady Gaga took talent to the film and television industry and starred in the fifth season «American Horror Story». After that, she will lead the movie «a star’s birth» that starring Bradley-Cooper director.

Although the prior team outside the team, Joey PORTER announced that Watt will initiate, Harrison’s potential substitute increases. Although the current team coach Mike Tomlin did not confirm this arrangement.

Although Harrison gradually became a substitute, this steel man history killed the first person, and the performance of the next season will never fall serious. Especially if Watt encounters setbacks on the court, Harrison will come forward. people.

There is media report that Bosa has been disclosed in an interview that he will not play on the weekend. Although lightning and Bosa have finally reached an agreement in the contract, it seems to be waiting for a longer period of time. Bosa missed the team’s training camp and preseason, which would lead to the direct cause of him unable to play.

Despite this, Bossa is still confident in his future. He believes that he has the ability to adapt to the new defensive tactics of the team and excessive vocational level. In addition, for health perspectives, lightning will not take risks to urge them to debut.

The Office of Prosecutor’s Office of Texas is confirmed by the Wholesale Nfl Jerseys official website. The Minnesota Viking Star Runwaving has been accused of reckless or negligent led to child injury & mdash; & mdash; his 4-year-old son & mdash; & mdash; The date of appearance has been pushed to 9 am in the middle of the United States. The message will be held in the ninth regional court. Peterson was accused of this crime on Friday, if it was convicted, he will face a maximum of 2 years a fine of $ 10,000. He flew to Texas on Saturday morning to the Office of the Office of the Malley County, and was released after paying $ 15,000 bail.

Demonstrate whether Cape Nick can adapt to the attack of Chip Kelly, Cape Nik and Bucks are basically unable to recover. Most people think that Cape Nick should be traded now, but there is currently no team is willing to match this price. Denver Yamang hopes that Katnik will give up the original contract and re-build a new contract, apparently Cape Nick will not be willing. 49 people pointed out that if Karenik continues to stay in the team, he will only distract, and will not be able to play with the team.

Crow coach: I believe in the rest of the runofok to replace the bins.In Washington game, the crow started J. K. K. K. Dobbins, the left knee crossed ligament torn, and the 2020 season was completed early.

49 general manager did not communicate with Karenik 2 weeksWhen you asked if you recently and Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco’s 49 general manager Trent Baalke gave us a answer: «I don’t know his feelings, I haven’t communicated with him for a long time. «

Whether it should make the last appearance of the Pins to become a concern, the coach John Harbaugh admits that this problem is reasonable, but it also emphasizes that the crow is a few in the preseason. A team with a lower frequency of frequencies.

Hubble said he believes in Gus Edwards and Tyson-Williams (Son Williams) will replace the vaction of the bins: «We have a player who can do this, whole team I will work hard. I have sufficient confidence in the rest of the running guard. They will have a burden and contribute to us. «

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