Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Roger Gudel announced the results of the draft in their basement

Due to the influence of new crown epidemics, the 2020 elevation will be carried out in a full virtual manner. Team staff will work at home, communicate with telephone or network means, and the Chairman of nfl jerseys is no exception.

Old eagle take over: It is too bad and even caught the raid

The Auckland raid team not only needs to worry that they have no winning records in the year, but also a standard for other teams measuring strength.

The Los Angeles Ramadan Guard Goff became the best offensive player of the National United issue. In the 34-7 defeat of Arizona, the Gaofman played a rebound performance. He completed 74.4% of the pass, and the 424 yard was reached, and the quarterfielding reached 120.7. This is the second pass of the second pass this season at least 420 yards.

Miami Dolphin Kicks Leng Jason Sanders becomes the Best Technical Group Player of Mei Week. In the 37-31 defending fee, Sanders completed a 51-yard rejection shot and 2-time trace attached shot. But let him get the best of the week that he completed a 1 yard ball in a four-stage attack.

The draft will continue to be held from 4.23-4.25, but there are still concerns after the complete virtual way. According to the previous ESPN reporter, due to worried about viral dissemination, some coaches and management groups do not want IT staff to deal with network problems, IT staff is also unwilling to run around the same reason.

Bolfote’s spotted weaknesses will certainly become a basis for making punishments. After repeated violation of the safety-related regulations, he was banned from the beginning of this season. He was fined four times due to violation of the provisions last season.

This lineup is elected by the Professional Football Celebrity Voter Committee, which is a player who commemorates the best performance of the super bowl. According to the executive vice president of the Hall of Famous Hall, Joe Hollig, said in the statement that this lineup is the greatest performance in the history of the super bowl, such as Lynn Swann in the 10th Super Bowl. High difficulty ball or Joe-Montana’s winning attack on the 23rd superb bowl rate team.

wholesale nfl jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the Alliance was investigating Bolkot in the new England Patriots 35-17 defeated Cincinnati Mason’s competition in Baberkote hit the patriot nearby The behavior of the Martellus Bennett.

The 13th week of the United States, the best players of the United States, unveiled

Houston Texas People 4-point Guide Sand Watson became the best offensive player of Mei Week. In the 28-22 defending New England Patriots, he completed 72% of pass, achieved 234 yards 3 times, and the quarterfire ratio reached 140.7, and he also completed 1 ball to reach. This is the Best honor of Watson gets the best honor in the third time.

The details of the contract are as follows: 10 million US dollars award awards and 15 million US dollars (full protection); in addition, up to $ 22.5 million bonus, with quarter-branch ratings, reached the number of passes, pass the number, pass the ball The success rate and the average number of passes will enter the number of codes into the league; up to $ 22,500 bonus each year, with whether to enter the playoffs, the number of seasons and the number of appearances and the superb bowl and the play time are hooked. Therefore, Blandi can get up to $ 59 million.

Information security is another problem, and the crow master coach John Hubble (John Harbaugh) said before, worried that new technology will increase the risk of information. Hubble said: «I don’t want the opponent to see my tactics or draft plan.»

New Orleans Saint-Defensive Dragonfly Melon Jordan became the best defensive player in China. He played the rule of the performance in the 26-18 defending of the Atlantan Falcon. Jordan’s career won 4 times in a time, and another 6 times a dismiscation was destroyed. In the 12 games in this season, Jordan has achieved 13.5 killing and set a new career.

In the array included 1 five-degree player (defending Director Charles Haley) and 10 players who won four championships: Montana, Green, Ronnie Lott, Franco Harris, Lynn Swann, Mike Webster, Mel Blount, Jack Ham (Jack Ham), Jack Lambert and the only active player are also unique to all voted Adam Vinatieri.

Regardless of whether Bolkot is intended to hurt the Note, this impact is unnecessary and is not related to the ongoing attack. In the health and safety of players, they have become the mood of the Focus today, and the players who have not changed them frequently like Bolbert can’t wash suspicion.

Washington Red Popular Truck Tris — Weight Way Become the Best Technical Group Player of China. In the 29-21 defending Carolina’s black panther, we must complete 5 abandoned kicks. On average, every time I abandoned 58 yards, the farthest kick out 79 yards, there is 2 abandoned kick into the opponent 20 yards .