Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

As the backbone of the Hawks, Aville has obtained at least 8 kills in 4 seasons in the past five seasons. His absence is a huge impact on the Habi defensive group, which will allow their opponents to put more attention on his partner Michael Bennett and weaken the overall bobility of the defensive group.

The next game of the pony will still debut

On Friday, the Indianapolis, the Indian Poll Luck will continue to ablate the game on the Sunday’s steel person. At that time, you will continue to debut Cheap nfl jerseys from china Matt Hasselbeck.

Last lost to the eagle, Rosrisberg took consideration to retirement issues.

When Pittsburgh steel people have visited Philadelphia eagle, they must have the best results. Of course, if the strength of the steel man is better than the Ben Roethlisberger, it is better.

There are many reasons for Groad to be proud of Carl in this game. When Drew Brees in the face of the best quarter-striking ranks in history, Carl Performance is better and the team will win. He has been twice successful 38 times, and the 282 yard is obtained 3 times. The quarter-off guards reached 120.7, while Briscina passed 26 times successfully, and the 312 yards were taken 1 time. 1 time passed. The four-point guard is divided into 91.1.

In the second half, Katler led the bear team to play a smooth offense. After the passing of the ball reached the invalid, pass it again to the near-end Sweet Bente, and got up to the array. Then the two sides will give the ball, the abnormal polite, with the long drive straight into the jet and the last judgment of Smith, can only shoot before the end of the third section. After the fourth quarter, the jet defense group continued to suppress the bear team attack, the offensive group maintains the advantage of the ground, but it is difficult to achieve a decline or shooting. The bear offensive group immediately returned once again.

«There are many people have a lot of opinions on Drake and his performance and the relationship between us,» Grunette talked to Carl-time expression. He has 9 different outer outer hands last year. 9. When I used to (first), I taught four years. In 4 years, we have Tim Brown every week. I didn’t know how many combinations we tried. (Last season) he passed more than 4,000 yards, the success rate exceeded 70%, so that we have the opportunity to enter the playoff game in the fifteenth week. «

But for the steel man, the eagle is really difficult. Since the steelman has never won the eagle in 1965, the steel man and the eagle have 2 wins and 0 losses. I believe that this Sunday will be very intense.

«This guy is a great quarter-off,» said Jon Gruden, Jon Gruden. «We gave him a better teammate. I think once our defensive group will fulfill the potential, he can even become better. When he didn’t hold a ball, he did a lot behind the scene, I think the raid fans should really He is proud of him, I know that I am proud of him. «

That year, I was killed 46 times, but the steel man still got a super bowl. Now this offensive line is much better than that time, this season is only killed 2 times, and he last season. The game was killed 20 times.

In 2008, the eagle defeated the steel man in 15-1, the game Rosrisberg was killed 8 times, and his career is the most, and the US time I have received an interview: «After the game, I left the airport. I think I am thinking about myself. I ask yourself. You still want this game? Do you really want to make a rugby? If you don’t retreat, you will be 26 years old, then he came to the teammate Brett — card Brett Keise Chat at home with the other party to drink all night, after 4 months, the big cost won the super bowl.

If the quarterfire does not pass the goal, it cannot work. But now the giant offense still rely on Manning? The giant’s scorpion attack is very poor, but Manning has not played the best performance. The CDM (2.9) in the season (2.9) is the most since the season in the 2013 season, and he continues to make a doubtable pass option and most of the time passed the ball to the pick-up hand to let them complete the attack.

At present, the pony record is 6 wins and 5 losses. At present, the team starts left cut off Antoni-Kathy Castonzo, the Inner Line Weijirie — Jerrell Freeman and Right Made Havon (Hugh Thornton is due to injuries will absence the Sunday competition.

The raid person took two consecutive winning games this season, Karl passed the 527 yards of 4 times, and the transfer rate of the passage reached 73%. It is still in the early season, but if Carl can keep this state, he is expected to lead the raid to enter the playoffs since 2016.

«I like our current record. I can feel the playoffs & mdash; & mdash; I have been thinking about the season of the playoffs. Do you fight for these important moments. Otherwise, what is the purpose of playing? This is the purpose of your play. «

The giant is currently 6 wins and 3 losses. They followed the opponents of the two games. The current record is 2 wins and 17 losses. In the case of the first winning rate of the giant, Beckham began to start the dream of entering the playoffs. But as he said on Friday, this does not depend on him to decide whether to enter the playoffs. Instead, Yuii.Ru Beckham put it on his old quarter.