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Maryland HB 1248 modified its existing post-election audit process to also include an automated and manual audit conducted by the state board of elections. To my fellow Georgians — who share my concern for the integrity and security of our elections — I invite you to join me at Liberty Plaza in Atlanta for a press conference tomorrow at 11:00 am. Raffensperger said during a press conference Friday morning. ATLANTA — The Secretary of State’s Office said it certified Georgia’s 2020 election results on Friday afternoon. A majority of Republicans seem to have moved on from the 2020 elections, focused on fighting the Biden administration and winning in 2022. But there is still a sliver of hope that the actual results of the 2020 can come to light. Polls consistently show a majority of Republican voters don’t trust the outcome of the presidential election. Biden won Arizona as a whole in 2020’s election by just 0.3 percentage points. If all of this sounds familiar, it’s probably because of a certain former president: Donald Trump and his Republican Party raised more than $255 million in the eight weeks that followed Election Day 2020. Trump kept telling his followers that he’d won the election he lost, vowing to fight against the results, and his supporters kept giving him more of their money.

The conservative county was at the heart of a conspiracy theory that falsely asserted that the county’s Dominion Voting Systems tabulators switched votes for Trump to Biden — Trump won Antrim in the final tally. Georgia’s audit is less focused on the final tally. The state is asking for counties to complete the hand tally by Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. Their statement on Wednesday confirms that they hired two top defense attorneys from Georgia to represent them. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency was established two years ago as a branch of Homeland Security during the Trump administration. The letter was signed by leaders of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the U.S. Top election officials say Nov. 3 contest was most secure in U.S. Ballots not cured during Election Week are thrown out. If this report turns out to be true, it will be the first state to begin a full audit of the 2020 election. Sen. Ed McBroom, the Vulcan Republican who chairs the Oversight Committee, sent a letter to Benson Monday after her staff informed him that she would not testify on the state’s election audit process at an April 20 hearing.

At a hearing on Monday, Judge Amero had indicated that he was inclined to rule in favour of unsealing the ballots, but requested a detailed plan for any inspection from election integrity advocate Garland Favorito, who filed the suit. Opinion: Cyber Ninjas’ haphazard procedures have ruined Arizona’s election audit. The Georgia Secretary of State’s office also noted that Georgia counties have already undergone hand audits and re-scanned each ballot after the Trump campaign requested a recount. While speaking before the Georgia elections subcommittee on Wednesday, Trump campaign attorney Rudy Giuliani also pointed to the potential fraud seen in a leaked video of ballot processing at the State Farm Arena in Fulton County — in which observers were allegedly told counting was completed for the night. «We’ll bring the information back to the Senate leadership, we’ll back-brief them on the way ahead and then hopefully we can come up with an approach here to make sure every person in Pennsylvania can rest assured they have one vote and it counts,» Mastriano told a radio host from WEEO-FM. Based on this finding, Benson called on lawmakers to amend the state’s election law to make precincts and counting boards found to be out of balance without an explanation eligible for a recount.

This audit often results in additional ballots being counted as required by law and aims to ensure that counties across the state treat provisional ballots uniformly. Benson said she hopes lawmakers will consider changing the law to give clerks more time to canvass the ballots before election results are certified. † Georgia’s law doesn’t actually say what’s required if the audit detects a problem. The company, Cyber Ninjas, has raised questions of possible Antifa attacks and traces of bamboo in the ballots, which conspiracy theorists say originated from China. Nevertheless, in an effort to resolve the dispute regarding production of the routers, we propose that agents of CyFIR, an experienced digital forensics firm and subcontractor of Cyber Ninjas, review virtual images of the relevant routers in Maricopa County facilities and in the presence of representatives of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. For those reasons, among others, they say Arizona’s effort lacks legitimacy — as would similar reviews elsewhere. The report does not say whether the LEO’s — apparently members of the GBI, though that’s not specified either — had any specific training for handwriting and signature comparisons. The Senate has put up $150,000 for the audit, but Logan acknowledged that’s not enough to cover his expenses.

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