Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

The ram announced that Falls returned to the first lineupSaint Louis Ramctor Jeff Fisher announced that since the quartz-Keenum case kenum fails to detect brain shock, Nick foles will return First, served as quadruption in this week with Cincinnati Tiger.

The goal of the new season, the goal of the rickets nature is further, the team needs this old will return as soon as possible, and the team will advance. Bruce Bruce-Arians said in an interview: «He knows that there is not much time left to him. The team is composed of different players in each location, but the quadrant is the most important We need him. «

In the past two weeks, the offensive front line of the ram was frequently injured, which also brought unprecedented pressure to Todd Gurley. Galley gradually cools after the strong start. Fisher said, hoping to activate Galley again through the adjustment of the entire offensive group. This also means that other players need to come forward.

The biggest problem in packaging work is that the ground attack is weak. The main run Guidi-Lasi (Eddie Lacy) has downtrend this season, and it has never retrieved his health of the season. At the same time, the three-speed conversion rate is also low, and the game is 10 times in the game with a three-speed attack only 4 times successfully. In the weekly routine radio program, the team four-point Wei Alon Rogers said that the team’s current offensive rhythm did not achieve the expected speed.

In the past week, Karnam’s brain shock problem once became the focus of the attention of the outside world. In the absence of brain shock, the ram still did not change him and was questioned from the media and alliance. At present, the ram has suffered a 3-game losing, and the next opponent is Meng Hu and Arizona, the team has lost the opportunity to impact the playoffs.

However, Rogers did not worry about the current dilemma of packaging workers. He believes that the team will rebound quickly and re-respond. In the face of the worries of the fans, Rogers said: «I only use a word to answer, that is, & lsquo; relax and rsquo;, the team will be fine, don’t worry.»

Last season, the starting quarterback Joe — Flach (Joe Flacco) season-ending neck injury, number two quarterback Brandon — Alan (Brandon Allen) after three games played, rookie Drew — Locke (Drew Lock) won the starting opportunity. He led the team to 4 wins and 1 loss. Today Broncos wide receiver for the selection of focus that they intend to build the team around Locke.

Colts offensive coach: the wild card race will depend on the passing attackIndianapolis Colts offensive team poor performance throughout December, less data prior to the last four games than their scoring average 12.9 points.

However, in the second pair of Shanghai Night Eagle, I was unfortunately injured & mdash; & mdash; elbow joint sided parallel tape torn. Diagnosis doctor once again gave me «death penalty», «even if they raised, don’t think about playing.»

The most memorable thing is the 17-18 season AFLC final Shanghai Warrior won the championship, because I didn’t have complete injury, I didn’t participate, but I shouted a whole game for the team on the table, and finally the team raised the championship trophy. I am proud of my heart, this is a sense of belonging to me.

In order to perk flagging offensive group, offensive coordinator Pape — Hamilton (Pep Hamilton) on Thursday said he plans on Sunday to face the Cincinnati Bengals offensive way in the playoffs again return pony best. «We focused on the ball every time we try to score,» he told local media. «If you can complete the red ball, that’s fine. Ideally we want to maintain a balance offensive way, but this time, we have to develop our strengths, using what we do best way and find a way to score.»

This is clearly the strengths pass. Quarterback Andrew — Clark (Andrew Luck) with 40 touchdowns and he led the league in passing yardage of 4761 yards ranked third in the league. Colts offensive performance of the season with the performance of the group change varies Mubarak; the next game he can get the return Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China injury of wide receiver TY Hilton (TY Hilton) and tight end Dwayne healthier — Allen’s hand .

. «Note that the 10th overall pick of the Cleveland Browns we know that they are willing to trade down and analyze them in Andrew — Berry (Andrew Berry) for the first time when the team worked done that before Paul — Debord Fernandez tower (Paul DePodesta) to do so many times in the past, «Rapoport representation. «If the Broncos want to beat competitors, perhaps to pick Jerry — Judy (Jerry Jeudy), he is not the top wide assessment of all the teams, but it does a lot of teams are considered to be the number one wide receiver they have reached. 10th overall pick to succeed. Mustang is certainly noteworthy team. «

«Our current attack is still not fast enough, the three-speed conversion is also very poor, we only played 51 sets of attacks, at all, not enough to drag the physical strength of the opponent’s defensive group, the head coach Mike McCarti (Mike McCarthy) The goal of the period is that there is a 75-speed attack per game. Now we have a very far away. We still have a lot of unfair battles, and I have a lot of bad pass. «Rogers said.