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Before the coach Delrio: I didn’t know that the American tiger would choose the quartz. Gaburt.

June 27th, in the Jacksonville American Tiger Draft, 6 points were selected for 8 years after 8 years, when the coach Jack Delrio (Jack Del Rio) It revealed the behind-the-scene story of this year even the decision that he was also very surprised.

Some reporters revealed that Osville was watching the fifth week of the competition in the team meeting to oppose the decision of the head of the tactical password (O’Brien took over the team’s offensive tactics.), There were a loud dispute between the two.

cheap jerseys from china Elliott Childhood, they did not belong to their own houses, so when he bought a house belonging to his family, he completed his own childhood wish. His mother said after moving into a new home: «I cried for this for this.»

If Garbert is excellent in the American tiger, this matter may only be an interesting foot. But Garbit has only stayed in the American Tiger only for 3 seasons, and the 28 games will be taken for 22 times.

Bell was torn in the inside of the knee inside the knee in the eighth week of last season, and the cross ligament was torn and was subject to surgery in November. He told ESPN to prepare when he began training camp on July 28. But he admit that he needs to be used to withstand impact.

We have witnessed the career of the running guard. It is usually lost in the lateral speed, explosive force and strength. But we also saw players like Adrian Peterson from the knee serious injury. Bell believes that he is more likely to become the latter.

If Rosen reaches the expectation before the draft of the draft, then the dolphins have finally found their main four-point guard and do not pay high salary. And if Runson performs bad, Grier can choose one person in the election of the election.

«I will be ready,» Bell said. «The most important thing for me is psychologically preparing to bear this kind of thing. I feel that I will not be hugged by the opponent until the preseason or maybe in the regular season. I think I will not really hit The ground or was smashed. But when such things happen, I will be ready to face. But change, route run, learn the route and practice, everything is normal. «

Although the current Texas people will be 3 wins and 2 losses, but Osville is not able to achieve people’s expected performance. It is reported that the weekly team meeting at Osville and the head coach Bill Aublin (Bill O & # 39; Brien) There is a tense relationship.

The Hawks’ Dreams of the Sea Eagle

Former Colorado State University star player Dedre — Elliot (DEANDRE ELLIOTT) is not selected at the 2016 draft conference. Finally he was signed by the Seattle Hawk with a player’s identity.

Jigio activates quartz from New Crown Reserve List — Ming Dynasty

Ji Tiger’s four-point Delta-Ming Dynasty didn’t stay in the new crown reserve list. The team announced on Tuesday to activate the first quarter-off guard. In addition, Safety Wei Andrew Wingr is also activated on the new crown reserve, and D. J. Hayden will remove from the injury cannot be trained.

«My son and I gave all four-year-off, we like Bolin,» Delrio said. «We like him, but he is in Nick foles, this level & mdash; & mdash; like the third round or the fourth round. He is not a first round player, he is not a player who should pick up So the end is not the issue of coaching, not my problem. This is my first time I feel that I may not stay in the American tiger. «

«I don’t know if we will pick Balin-Garbit. I don’t know at all,» Delrio is said to the radio program on Tuesday. «In fact, I left the thing I had to take some eating because I had to take us for a long time. I sat there on the plate to put things while thinking, & lsquo; oh, I have to be two hours. To us, & rsquo; then, I will look at & lsquo; I am going to the American tiger to pick it. & Rsquo; my feelings are & lsquo; what happened? & Rsquo; «

Dolphins has paid the big head of Rosen contract in a signature bonus, so the dolphins got a low salary quarter-off. Even if Runns only makes the dolphins a year, the second round and the fifth round is still relatively cheap nfl jerseys from China price.

The new crown reserver is used for new crown detection positive or players that detect positive close-range contacts. NFL does not detail these infected or high infected probability of players to participate in the training.

Delrio was fired after the end of the 2011 season, and Smith also encountered the same fate after year. Garbrt is still effective in the alliance. He has played 3 games for Tennessee at last season and joined Tampawan pirates in March this year.

«Each team in the Alliance is looking for that person who can lead them to win the championship,» Grier said. «So for us, like many teams in the league, we are looking for that person. So, the transaction is an easy decision. This doesn’t stop us from doing anything in the future, who knows? Everything goes well, we will think he is that person, who knows? But this will not let us do anything. «

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