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Delmas injury is not small for dolphin defensive

Miami dolphins have encountered a bad news on Wednesday, and Louis Delmas is torn in front of the top ten ligaments of the right knee in the training. It is likely to face the season reimbursement. He left the game due to the same injury in December last year.

However, analysts believe that the trading is not high, because if the team is willing to give up the third round of draft, you will choose to pay him 8 million yuan, then Houstown Texas has already implemented it. The final result may be that Brown finally damages Osville in the case of finding the transaction.

Fei Teer Seahawks since 2001, first as a regional scout. He climbed all the way to the final Seahawks vice president of football operations post, City-56.de and general manager John — working closely Schneider (John Schneider), for the Seahawks to establish a winning division.

The broker said that Wilson told the Hawie to play in Seattle, but if the team is considering the deal, the team that you want to go only has Dallas Cowboy, the New Orleans Saint, Las Vegas Rasmas and Chicago Bear.

Looking back Two stunned transactions have two very ironic events: First, in 2012, in order to deal the list of eyes, the red skin pays the price of the first round of 2014, but it really reached the 2014 Election Conference, this first round sign actually turned into I have also given the ram. Second, the ram is very safe to Bradford to deal the top of the list, but Bradford is in addition to rest in three years, it is to bring the endless disappointment of the ram.

The snow is added, the left side of the DJ-Hunfris may also be unable to play because the knee is hurt. Aliis said to «see the situation» decided whether he will play against 49 people’s defensive groups.

Fei Teer win from four candidates, including candidates for the remaining assistant chiefs in charge of the personnel department Ryan — Powles (Ryan Poles), 49, vice president of personnel department — Adam Peters (Adam Peters), vice president of Titan personnel department Mongolia Di — Orson Ford (Monti Ossenfort).

The head coach Bruce-Alianz (Bruce Aria) said that You Patti’s elbow bones need surgery on Friday, so he will enter the injury reserve list, and Alex-Ben, which is originally replaced by Youpatti. Alex boone) The injury of the lungs will not play this week, so that the choice of rickets is more difficult.

At present, there is not much experience in the Dolphin team, Walt Aikens, Jordan Kovacs and Mike Thomas, these total appearances last season Only 193 files, I am afraid it is difficult. The only experience relatively rich Philip Thomas last season is very downturn in Hongli, total score -9 points, cover defensive score -8.1. So for dolphins, seeking safety sanctuary is not going to slow.

Railwit Hump Mike — Youpatti enters the injury reserve list

Although the premium of the rickets hopes that the performance of the front line can make a bit progressive than the night game, the left … Mike Iupati’s lack makes this extra difficulty.

Although Delmas can’t talk about the top security guards, it is still a high-efficiency first level player. His state last season, the total score was only -0.2, and the arrival of the 2013 season + 2.8 points. However, Delmas has been stable in terms of the coverage of good at, and he has an average of 36 files per 36 files to let the other party successfully brought the ball. The tenth of the Alliance Safety Wi, the 2013 season is released once every 42.4 files Row in the third of the league.

In 2011, Fei Teer served as director of scouting Seahawks University, Richard is selected in the same year with five show — Sherman (Richard Sherman). 2012 draft, signed three former Seahawks chose red setter Bruce — Irwin (Bruce Irvin), linebacker Bobby — Wagner (Bobby Wagner), quarterback Russell — Wilson (Russell Wilson). These were later obtained a core member of the Seahawks during the Super Bowl.

After the end of the season, Wilson said that he was «frustrated» for himself, hoping to participate more in team personnel decisions. According to ESPN, there is currently no other team to express our interest in the ESPN.

Draft Not surprisingly, the Redskins selected with the second overall pick of the RG3. The Rams here, they completed the transaction and denim, denim trade up to No. 6 overall selection in the Louisiana State cornerback Morris — Craig Byrne, it is to accept the Rams 14th overall and 45th pick in the second round, he pulled a 14th overall pick in the Louisiana state’s all-around defensive tackle Michael — Ibrox. The next day draft, the Rams first is the choice of the University of North Alabama cornerback Jerome Nice with 39 overall Redskins — Jenkins, then continue to trade down with cowboy sent the 45th pick and the Bears trading came 50th overall and signed a five rams with two draft picks to select a running back Isaiah — Stampede and tackles Rock Davis — Watkins, incidentally, the Bears with 45 the resulting overall is tall South Carolina wide receiver Archamps — Jeffrey.