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Viking will be higher than the offensive group leading the leadership leadership leadership leadership leadership leaders in the regular season’s second week of regular season, with the pro-Kyler Murray.

Winston and Tibo went to Orlando to condolences to shoot survivors

Ten days ago, the bar shooting in Orlando was shocked all over the world, of which Rodney Sumter was shot three times and was taken to the Orlando Region Central Hospital first aid.

Patrick Peterson: Looking forward to fighting with Pitch

After joining Viking, the opponent of Patrick Peterson’s first battle was Cincinnati. But for the players who selected professional bowls, the depends with the old people is most expecting.

New York Giants have not promoted the playoffs after winning the super bowl in the 2011 season. This season is promoted to the playoffs in the 2nd seed of the country, this season, this time I can take a super bowl? The giant quartzwood, who has achieved 8 wins and 1 loss in his past 9 playoffs, and he got a full victory while in the face of packaging work, he also got history many times in history. The most valuable players in the super bowl are one of the five players. Can this «three brothers» can continue the giant super bowl of magic? Perhaps this will become the most exciting game of the outer card.

Hawks close-up Miller is likely to be reimbursed season

Seattle Haiwag came from Pete Carroll, told reporters on Wednesday, the team main proximity Feng Zak-Miller is likely to bid farewell to the ankle of the ankle from September this year. Season.

The last outer cassette will be conducted between the family of the country of the National United King season, although the package is still leading the New York giant with a total of 32 wins and 26 losses, but the two teams have passed twice In the playoffs, the packaging workers successfully guaranteed the giants to enter the super bowl (2007, 2011), and the giant did not expect the patriot to win the two super bowls from the patriot. The eighth champion of the two teams playoffs, can the Giant continue this curse in the Blue Burgball, next Monday, ready to look early.

The pass of the sea eagle was originally laccked to pick up the ball in the long-distance force to prevent the ball. The hard-working procedural absence will make this situation soon. In addition, the Hawks have a shortage of offensive and defensive ends, and Carol is to invest them in actual combat, but the Hawks need to face the dead enemy San Francisco 49 in the next game. People, Arizona, Raolin, leading to the array partition.

Green Bay Package has advanced to the playoffs for the 8th season, and the new England patriots have been successfully entered into the playoffs. However, the package is not a smooth water, although a wave of 6 consecutive victories at the end of the regular season also allowed them to take the last bus of the National Fame season. Packaging workers quartz Wei Alon — Rogers raised 40 passes reached this season, and became the fourth player who came out of the Wholesale nfl jerseys history from at least 40 games. In the 6-year-old victory in the second half of the season, Rogers came out of 15 passes, no copy, the passed score was as high as 121.0, as if the fans saw the omnivalent of Rogers, this time Can he lead the package of sniper giants?

Lightning Plan to deal with the contract problem in Rivers

The contract of San Diego lightning and Philip Rivers will also be a free player after the team’s quarter-season will become a free player after the 2015 season. However, lightning naturally does not allow the team’s core to flow into the free market, they plan to play in advance and provide him with a new long.

This is not an unexpected news that Miller has been protected by team tactics since the 3rd week of competition, reducing some of the top time. Carol pointed out other three near-end strikes & mdash; & mdash; Luke Wilson, Cooper Helfet, and Tony Moeaki, will start to bear More Offense Responsibility.

On Wednesday, the Tom Telesco, which is the lightning general manager, said that the team will make every effort to renew the River in advance. He revealed that the team has prepared a long, the period is enough to ensure that Rivers are in San Diego to retire.

In the past two seasons, the Rivers came to 63 times, and they were copied twenty hours, led the team to win 9 victories this season. Despite the final regret, no one game, but his performance was obvious. The team and fans trust this 33-year-old quarter. The team believes that Penton Manning and Tom Brady have become more excellent in 30 years old. Rivers also have the ability to become better in the next few years.