Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

After the game, Beckham and Sherman also exchanged the jersey, and the professional bowl of Sherman also gave a new show, after the incident, Beckham came to: «He said that I said it is very good, let I will continue to work hard. I am very friendly to tell me some suggestions and something important in him. «

Last season, Eagle pavement is poor, and the number of mosquies (1570 yards) is ranked 28th, and the average number of punched push codes (3.9 yards) is second. The team’s buzzard code has the most running guards Josh ADAMS (511 yard) only column League 41.

The Colman last season of 9 games in Brown, among which eight games were started. He completed 23 tickets to get 305 yards 2 times. He absents 7 games due to hand injuries. At the rookie season, he played 10 games and all of the first hair, completed 33 battles to get 413 yards 3 times.

The two running guards in the last season, Jay Ajayi and Darren Sproles have become free players. Doug Pederson has previously said that he hopes that Sprull is returned to another year, but this old will run this decision to make this decision.

Sea Eagle coach Pitt-Carlol also commented: «I think the front half of the game is very good, it is one of the key links of the giant team attack. I think he is very good on Sunday. It proves the value of his one-round show, he is really excellent. «

Howard has entered the last year of the rookie contract, this year’s salary is about 2 million US dollars. He completed 252 shots in the rookie season to get a total of 1313 yards, a total of 7 times, and selected a professional bowl. In 2017, he won the 1122 yard 9 times.

Chicago Bear will run Jordan-Howard transactions to the eagleBeijing March 29, the Philadelphia Eagle has been an urgent need for the position of the running guard. They traded from Chicago to Jordan Howard.

In the Washington Red Leather, in the competition of Arizona with 24-6, Peterson has achieved the 100th Washproof Dare, with Marshall Faulk and Shaun — Alexander Historical rushing in the historical seventh historical seventh, and more than a mulled ball in a rush of a rush.

If Peterson continues to continue to take the team’s main mission mission in the Red Leather (the third team in 12 months), this 33-year-old Zhuang force can surpass Tony-Presses during the end of this season. Tony Dorsett and Eric Dickson. And he is only four to catch up with John Riggins, Wholesale Jerseys 6 can catch up with Brown.

After recent NFL players were diagnosed with new coronal pneumonia, German-McCourty and Jason McCourty, who were treated with New England — McCourty were discussed in an interview. The anxiety of training.

EA Sports illegally use Jim — Brown portraits for $ 600,000The Legend of Cleveland Branda will receive 600,000 US dollars from EA sports, because EA is in violation of Brown portraits in its own «Madden» game.

EA Sports This time the Brown’s image was used in the 1965 Brown team. The trial of the case was opened in 2013. It is reported that the EA asked Brown’s use portraits but was rejected, and EA created one and Brown. Have the same capabilities and people of career.

Haiying Sherman praised the giant new showNew York Giants Xiujiao took over Odel Beckham JR (Odell Beckham Jr (Odell Beckham Jr.) completed the results of overbearing over 100 yields for the single game for the second consecutive week. During the ninth week, 24 more than 40% of the Indiana pony team, Baker Ham took down 158 yards, and this Sunday gave a good momentum to the game, he continued the good momentum completed 7 times. The lower 108 yards.

Brown takes the front first round of Shijiao Kolman trading to BillBeijing August 6th, Cleveland Bridge took the first first round of Xiu, Corey Coleman, transfers to Buffalo, in exchange for a low-time draft.

The most important thing is that the League top corner Wei Richard Sherman has a considerable part of the time to protect Baker Him, and give a rare praise for the performance of the new show. Sherman said in an interview with the New York Giants’ official website: «Beckham is a famous player. Therefore, the giant team will rely on him to attack, and dare to adventure him to him in him. And he earlier in the game. The ball received is too beautiful. «

Macquard Brothers: I feel nervous about the training camp for the epidemic.Like most people, McCadi brothers are trying to understand what the return training camp in the next few months and the opening of the new season will look like.

«When you talk about the future, if only 10 people get together to do something like pass the training is very difficult, then 53-90 the idea of ​​personal training in the training camp would be too crazy. So I do not What is the result of knowing things. «

Despite the two rounds of Xizei Jones, Zay Jones has been repeated after the knee surgery during the offset period, Bill still needs to reinforce the external work. At the beginning of the training camp, Kelvin Benjamin is the outer hand of their number, but the team lacks depth in this position.