Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Evans earliest rushing hands on the side of the university, and then changed the inner guard. This feature that can be eligible for multiple locations is desirable for the new coach Mike Flabel. However, Evans’ coverage relocation ability is lacking, and may prioritize after the second-grade line guard Jayon Brown. However, Evans’ physical and bulbors are very suitable for conjunction with old Wesley Woodyard.

Anti Seahawks, is the primary pinch Xiaoen — Lynch command of the road surface attack. Let me point not serious, are the Seahawks and Patriots offensive frontline frontline defense a week ago when I wrote both the weaknesses listed in this «double weak» confrontation, in the end still accounted for the Patriots defensive front line advantages, this way, not push open the front-line attack, Xiaoen — Lynch difficult to find a red ball path. Second, the two inside linebacker the Patriots have a deal with Lynch, faster Jamie — Collins predict in advance, for at the line of scrimmage to stop Lynch. Followed by a weight greater Tangte — sea Hightower tackles behind, Yijizhiming.

The crow has activated the Mark Ingram and the defensive front line player Cales, Calais Campbell, and the Jihad Ward, from the new crown reserve list. As of Saturday, there are 10 players in the new crown reserve list, including Jackson.

The contusion is often mistaken to be otherwise injuries, but the players who have been contusted are not common to the hospital so quickly. The outside world is worried that Rockete may encounter a chamber symptom, which is acute swelling in the calf, and if it is serious, emergency surgery needs to be accepted.

When Carol accepted a reporter, heard that Lockte was still subject to surgery. He said that the team considered letting him stay in the hospital. Obviously Carol is worried about the health of Rockte, but at the same time, the information on his hand is also very limited.

Jackson and many crow players absent the game game on the steel man of the strait Pittsburgh. Affected by the explosion of the new crown in the crowns, this game has been postponed from the Thanksgiving Night Collection, eventually held on Wednesday. The crow has also changed from Thursday night to Tuesday.

cheap Nfl jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that Piteson had an opportunity to return to Viking in the playoffs. In the first two weeks, Peterson got 50 yards & mdash; & mdash; it was obviously because the main four-point guarded Teddy-Bridgewater was lacking in the case of his opponent.

Like most high-level four-defense, Tu A is considered to get an opportunity to get a play at some time in the new season. Specifically, it depends on the performance of the dolphins. They face a tough schedule during the stage of the season, after the patriots, they have to connect to the array of Far Robs, Jacksonville America, Seattle Hawks, San Francisco, Denver Muslim, Los Angeles Lightning and Los Angeles Ran. Dolphins may consider letting the picture appease after it is over this time.

According to Pete Carroll, Pete Carroll said that the sea eagle took over Thaler Rockte, which continent in the competition, caused severe swelling, and has been taken to nearby hospitals to receive treatment.

Titan and the first round of Xiu Evans signing

Shortly after the start of the new show, the Titan first round show that has not been matured with the training venue has been officially signed with the team.

If Peterson can restore in time, he will become the most obvious candidate of Viking from the injury reserves. Under the new regulations, the team does not have to specify which player can return when playing the player in the injury reserve list. Peterson can come back in the game of Arizona, but most people think that he has to lack a few weeks.

Like basketball scores in the continuous recovery points are not pointers, but as a quick counterattack. Patriots do not rely on the same second-half fight back a long pass, but stick to the policy of the first half, came with a short Paodingjieniu.

Then, the Patriots are a few big catcher Brandon — Lafer, Rob — glycopyrrolate Koski and Michael — 霍奥曼纳瓦 Nui into the game, the Patriots Changqiangduanbao gongs, Seahawks way to deal with not many. There is a special lens: Patriots to test Schirra glycopyrrolate to the right side, the Seahawks linebacker K.J. can only deal with Wright, Richard — Sherman forced to let out their own area. In short, the Patriots with a special station disrupted the Seahawks defense usual habit, so the Seahawks very uncomfortable.

Fitz Patrick performs excellent performance last season, and he is also very familiar with the team’s new offensive coordinator — Ga Gailey offensive system, compared with the heavy injury from hips, has not experienced a new show for the full-end period. The quarter-saving, he won the first position in succession.

Bailey Bailey is Cech Cech, his military forces will always make people feel unfathomable. I thought that the Patriots will be the opening of the road with plenty of offensive to defensive ice chisel a chisel Seahawks, but the fact is the opening mind as a patriot and Seahawks play small ball, Sean — Willingen, Danny — Armando pull and Julian — Edelman continue to throw off the defense, or be able to find the Seahawks neutral zone defense to give blow.

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