Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

«At the end of the season, when he accepts X-rays, he has a slight crack in your place,» Pedon explained. «You can pick one in two options. Andrews doctor feels that hey, as long as it is still good. When we start the assembly training, the crack has expanded again. So he feels now Another steel nail can be healed for many times. «

This is more optimistic than the original diagnosis. Previous report pointed out that Angle is expected to be absent for at least five months until it will return until around October. Pedton’s estimation is more than six weeks in advance.

This week, the giants defeated Washington Hongpi in 32-21 on Thursday night, and Manning once again found Bakeham through the long biography, the latter completed the key to the team to lock the victory. In the first attack of the fourth quarter, Beckham opened the Red Leather Khakhade Baseland (Bashaud Breland), and the Bashaud Breeland was completed, and the score was rewritten. 25-6.

The US sports community also made the same move. From the university American football to the NBA players, they were silent in Paris before the game. Obviously NFL will not exceed the exception, and all the venues in Sunday have made a game before the game.

Tiibo did not appear on the NFL bench after the season in the season, until the last month came out of the news in the eagle trial. Kelly said this last month: «I have always been his fans, we have chosen a lot of people to trial, he is just the most concerned one.»

The prior to Sherman training is labeled as «non-injured relationship», but the injury report of non-public players is clearly violated by the Alliance Regulations. All of this must have a lighter punishment, but the Hawk needs to face all this.

Soon after Roseman’s live interview, Bradford was exploded to agree with a trading program, apparently he was not satisfied with the eagle practice, because he remembered how Donovan McNabb is After 9 regular games, I was thoroughly replaced with Pedson.

Obviously Rooseman cannot guarantee which four-point guard will be the backfinder of the entire team, that is, Bradford’s starting position is not safe. Roseman said: «The final decision is in the head of the head, this quadrant must meet our rhythm.»

Manning helps giants to win with Beckham

The New York Giants once again won the game with Eli Manning and Odell Beckham. As the best-capable external hand in the alliance, Beckham balls 110 times in the first 15 games in the career, and wholesale jerseys promotes 1574 yards, set the league history. In addition, since he came out of the 5th week of his last season, he had completed 14 battles, the number leads to all players in the same period.

US Time Monday Rosemanda said that Bradford is still the team’s starting, he said: «Sam has the right to express his feelings, but our team is very clear, he is our first quarter Wei, we need to make decisions and arrangements for the short-term development of the team, and the investment in the four-guards is obviously a long-term decision. «

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