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Fitness guru Kayla Itsines shows off her guns in an orange… Keeping it in the family! Book a table or place an order for carryout or delivery Once you’ve gotten a sneak peek at all your restaurant options, most of the time you don’t even have to leave the Google Maps app to make a reservation.

Their Mexican and Chinese dishes too are worthy of appreciation.

Walk in to be warmed by Jim’s photos and memorabilia hanging on the walls, only to head to the counter revving up some deadly drinks, tantalizing cocktails and refreshing options in mocktail

Some of Matthew’s paintings decorate Claire has laid the table — made by Matthew — for lunch in colours inspired by the garden outside, with just-picked hydrangeas in a ceramic jug by friend Tulya Madra (mosantimetre.com) and roses in old glass bottles (try zarahome.com).

Of course, there is killer food to match that.

The restaurant aims at the majority of people who could gather and enjoy whatever food they wanted.

Thus, what resulted was a confused menu.

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«Although naturally occurring smallpox disease is no longer a global threat, the intentional release of this highly contagious virus could have a devastating effect,» said Peter Marks, director of the FDA’s center for biologics evaluation and research.

Kayla Itsines and new boyfriend…

There all time favourite is ‘The Veg Platter’ which goes well with scotch on the rocks. Fitness queen Kayla Itsines shows off her toned abs in a… Counted among the A-list bars in the city, Cafe Morrison was also awarded by Jack Daniels as the best venue for live gigs in India. But until Android can woo me away from my iPhone, it’s better than nothing.

A popup will give you a list of available services, like DoorDash or Postmates, but you will have to sign in to complete your order, so if you have an account with any of them you’ll probably want to choose that one.

Be it Italian, Mexican, Indian, Continental or Chinese, you can choose to eat any one or a mix of all these cuisine Drawing inspiration from the much-revered singer of The Doors, it packs in volcanic music and an unpretentious air with an infectious nostalgia for the Sixties. ‘I have to do a running jump to get into it.’ The cushions are made from a fabric designed by Claire: ‘I took a photograph of the lining paper in an old suitcase and had it printed on to fabric.’ The vintage chandelier is from The Stanley Supply Store (thestanleysupplystore.com).

Being part of this community has shown me how to live a ha ‘It’s not just the island’s beauty we’ve fallen in love with — it’s the friends we’ve made too, despite arriving without a word of Greek.

Launched five years back when the capital lacked a place for rock-lovers to assemble, the restaurant continues its hold over the youngster If your day is incomplete without the welcome dose of a violent mosh pit, then Cafe Morrison is the place to be!!

For a restaurant popular primarily for its rock culture, surprisingly Cafe Morrison has done extremely good on the food front too.

‘It’s a nice room to sneak to for a siesta,’ s ‘It’s a little bit high for me,’ laughs Claire. dealsandyou package gives you upto 81% off, voucher worth Rs4000 is available for Rs.74 dealsandyou.com has an awesome deal for you to spend some quality time at this ultimate unwind zone!

Admittedly, this workaround is a little wonky — you have to set Google Maps to navigate to a specific destination for the «OK, Google» voice command to work, and you can’t summon Siri with «Hey, Siri» while this feature is turned on.

The DJ belts out old-school rock tracks that will tempt you to the floor where some folks would already be ‘headbanging’ in style! For the non vegetarians the salt and pepper prawns, roghan josh, nachos, mezze platter and many other dishes are of great savou Cafe Morrison holds on to the food lovers.

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For carryout or delivery, look for an option labeled Place an order.

Check out menus, photos and customer reviews In addition to its navigation tools, Google Maps is also a full-blown crowdsourced review app, much like Yelp or TripAdvisor, test so you can get a good idea of what sorts of options your destination offers, as well as price, presentation and whether you’ll need to take out a loan to afford it.

Matthew designed and made the bed.

Calling all compulsive lovers of Rock! Try the Jazz Cafe here only if you are a hardcore rock fa

If you’d rather eat at home, you can also usually order carryout or delivery from within the app. Victoria’s Secret is being sued by the owner of Kayla…

The golden age of train travel comes alive in the Booking Office Bar and Restaurant, with fine dining courtesy of chef Marcus Wareing in The Gilbert Scott — named after the architect who designed the building in 1873.

The name establishes it pretty well that this uber cool bar is all about Jim Morrison.

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