Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Last season Jackson first 12 games were completed 78 times, and the last four games were absent due to injuries. In the past three season Jackson has always been the first person of the team, completed 366 cockroaches, and there is also a small horse to complete 8 kills and 14 ruins.

There is currently no specific situation about injuries, but it is obvious that the patriot can no longer lose their close-end striker, because their four-point Wei Tom Braddy (Tom Brady) did not play the game before the regular season.

This year, I was really very difficult to Pierll Paul. Since the return of fireworks, he only completed only 1 quarter to kill in his seven games. The lost fingers clearly have a huge impact on his competition.

This new color name is «色», which is a little bit of color than the standard white. As with an old old paper, this color is a historical vicissitudes. The ram also said that this color will make fans think of the true color of the ram.

Jason Piel Pauli will continue to finger surgery

US time Wednesday, New York Giants’ defenders Jason Pierre-Paul said in an interview with media, and their own seasons will conduct a lot of hand surgery.

Chuck Pagano said in this matter: «Jackson is a perfect professional player. He has a performance in the game, and his leader is temperament and mentoring, giving the team. Young people have a lot of knowledge. We thank him for everything that has been paid for this team. «

1: Detroit Lion (9-4) must complete the next three games in 1 win and 2, and they will be in the main court to meet the Mingnesota Viking (6-7), and challenge Chicago Bear (5-8) And Green Bay Packaging Work (10-3), and the lion must be lost to the bear team.

The new jersey has three pants selection: yellow, bone, blue, among which yellow and products will match the home jersey, and the bone is only used with the game. Three autumn trousers have different stripes. The blueball pants have a gradient design similar to the jersey, and there is a crude blue stripe on the yellow pants, and there is a white stripe on one side of the stripe. There is a rough white stripe on the bone pants, and one side of the stripe has a fine yellow stripe.

The new helmet of the ram is particularly bright, and there is a yellow ram horn pattern design on the blue helmet, and the whole helmet has a metal texture. Yellow and white elements will be very attractive to the eye when it is equipped with full basketball shocks.

But if the 49 people gain three consecutive victories, the following three cases of the following three cases in the following three cases can be taken at least in the following three cases of 49 people to get an outer card.

Swift has completed the scores in the university in the past two years, and he took the 1218 yards last season, reached 7 times. On the other hand, the Lion has not run a thousand code since the REGGIE BUSH in 2013.

In addition, the ram is the second branch of the team that releases a new jersey this year as the main element. The ram uses a design from the bottom white gradient to the top yellow design in the main court, which highlights the other two main colors of the yellow white on the basis of a long time. The number on the bus jungle does not use gradient design, but pure blue.

3: This week, the Eagle (9-4) will be dialogue with Dallas Cowboy (9-4), and the losers between them must win a winning result in the last two weeks. The eagle will take away Washington Red Leather (3-10) and the New York Giants (4-9); Cowboy went to Washington after the game with the Indianapolis Pimers (9-4).

49 people only in the season, only theoretically possible

After two consecutive failures, the ranking of the San Francisco 49 people in the National United Kingdom of 7 wins has slipped to the 8th place, and the hope of getting the outer card is very embarrassing. Let’s take a look at what the 49 people can enter the playoffs.

The 49 people will challenge the blood-washed Seattle Hawks in the Thanksgiving Day, which is two weeks ago. This is a game that has no retreat. The 49 people must take the game including this game. In the last three games, not only this, they also want to send their major opponents in the last three full defeat, which looks almost impossible.

Since moving back to Los Angeles in 2016, the ram will move into a new court that is waiting for a long time this year. The ram released a new jersey on Wednes, including the first time by the wholesale nfl Jerseys team.