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Jet is dissatisfied by Kino — Smith passed the ball at home

Recently, the quartz-Skikino-Smith, the New York Jet, was found to be able to play passers at home, but he just completed the following chin surgery. The team is very dissatisfied.

Smith said in this: «I feel good. Do you see my pass? Wait for me!» We believe that the jet is a good thing to recover, but the head coach said that the quarter-break can not be free. Pass. He said: «He should not pass the ball now, we have been discussing, his behavior should be controlled. He just completed the operation, you don’t want him to have any flash. And the doctor also recommends that he doesn’t exercise. We This is not happy because it is disappointed with him, but this is not the behavior we want to see. «

After a half of the 1990s, the New York jet and the new England patriot were mixed, and the University of Carol could create a dynasty in the University of South California. After letting you have the most open-minded coach of the Alliance’s teaching philosophy, he is one of the best coach in the past five years.

Washington quadruple henousyl: I believe that there is a place where the alliance has a place

Taylor Heinicke failed to lead Washington football team to win in the playoffs, but his performance beyond most people’s expectations.

At the age of 64, it is the leader of the League’s leader in Carol to negotiate with the Hawks at February. After led the Hawow, he was signed with the team for a 3-year contract with the team, and now I will enter the last year.

Now the problem is not that a running guard will be more than another running time. Many 49 people have already asked the problem that the team will choose the ball attack in the case of the mushroom attack. Gore and Hyde will usher in an ideal opponent in Monday Night. The St. Louis Ramper, which they face, allows the opponent to get a 152.5 yard (29th) and has made the opponent’s tweet attack on the opponent (the most alliance).

After the NFL unmanned, Henneki just joined the Washington team in a month ago, but he went 44 times in the game of Damashi Bay pirates, and the 306 yards were successfully achieved. The ball was copied, and the ball was taken 6 times to get 46 yards 1 time. After the game, Henneki said he felt that his strength has been shown.

Expensive: Patriot Tickets for the game of the Malaysia

Want to see US Time November 29th New England Patriot and Denver’s Wild Horse Wars, I want to witness Tom Brady and Winsoftwar.Com PEYTON MANNING, another pair?

Just in the US time on Thursday, the cheapest official website of this game is $ 296 and is the farthest position in the stadium, and the seat value in the bottom of the course is basically close to $ 8800.

Join the Seattle Sea Eagle this year, and finally, Evans will immediately get the first position in the saints. The first battle in the season faces the Auckland raid to continue to adjust the offensive front line.

Since the 3rd week of 49 people lost the number of times in the least 6 times this season, the number of shocks of Frank Gore has been rising in the past two weeks in the past two weeks; & mdash They each have 24 times and 18 times. But the 31-year-old running guard this season’s five games only won the ball 77 times to get 365 yards. This is the number of scorpions in his five games in his career (2009 season, he only squatted 65 times, but he faced ankle injury).

The reduction in the number of mulchs is the team offensive coordinator Greg Roman’s plan to schedule this season. «We don’t want to whole day, give him a lot of work every day,» Roman said to the media. «At some point, a lot of work will be a price. This is almost like any player in the distance of running guards. Who will be more impact than running guards?» Substate running Karlos-Hyde (Carlos Hyde) This season seems to be stable, the shower is 132 yards, and the 49 people trainer will say that they trust him under any circumstances.