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JJ-Watt sent surprises to injured high school playersJJ-Watt, a defensive star player in Houston Texas, was missed throughout the season because of his injury missed the entire season. However, he did not stop his community activities.

Kyle Williams and tendon breaks, new season announcement reimbursementDenver wild horse took over Kyle Williams inadvertently injured in the special team training on Saturday, and was carried out after simple treatment. After the team, Williams had encountered the left leg and the rupture, Williams himself announced that he would absent the entire 2015 season, he wrote: «Unfortunately, I accidentally hurt me today. The conchon, so I can’t play again. To tell the truth, I am very difficult to accept this result, but now I understand, this is God. I won’t quit, I will not have a slight loss on the enthusiasm for football, I It will be full of blood. I want to thank all the people who help me and bless me, you are very important to me, thank you. «

NFL TV reporter Mike Garafolo reported that Ross has asked Cincinnati to leave his team. Rose’s brokers have begun to negotiate with Tigers on a possible transaction, but these negotiations have not been a deeper stage.

Kyle Williams played 49 people in San Francisco and the Chief of Kansas City, during the 59-person effectiveness, he was named twice in the 2011 season National Federation of New York Giants, of which he was in the overtime The fall during the period directly leads to the defeat. In the 2012 season, due to the lack of 11 games in the knee, in November, 49 people were signed by the chief, and it was a pity that the inside of the knee was once again torn. Last season, Williams was injured again in the preseason, and then he was retired by the chief, absent the entire 2014 season.

49 general manager to deny the transaction of Capenik’s rumorsUsually, executives sitting in the office will not waste their time in clarifying various rumors, but late last weekend, 49 general manager Trent-Barak (Trent Baalke) showed a rumor, bar Lak is very interested in trading. The rumors of Colin Kaepernick are very tough, and the eagle and the bear team are chasing the list of Capekik.

Grant Milton is a high-grade American rugby player in Woodland High School. In the recent game, he needs emergency surgery in a recent game, so he seeks medical assistance to the «Gofundmepage» Foundation.

Botes also made opinions: «We should choose the color of the water duck, you have to know that Tennesi Titan will wear baby blue, so are too close, I hope it is all white, maybe we should spray the helmet White.»

Steve Smith released Wearing Star Wars Character Jacket Most people will be very nervous in the US time on Monday. Baltimo crow against New England patriots, but Crow’s external hand Steve Smith Wednesday news conference dress makes you feel that the crow is going and Cleveland Brown game.

Now, we stand on Barak, because in the four-point guards that will enter the free player market, Matt Cassel is now delicious, while Brian Hoyer is not It is clear that it is no doubt next season, he is also qualified to compete, the first quarter. The reality is cruel, Katnik does not make good in the 2014 season, but he still has a skill that has a different team that leads the team in wholesale Nfl jerseys.

This season was originally considered to be critical to Ross, and after the Tiger refused to implement his fifth year contract option, this season became his rookie contract for the last year. But so far, Ross that lacks the opportunity to play how much excellent play.

After the last season shows your talents, Rose felt dissatisfied with their own appearances this season. After the first week of competition 56, Ross fell to 28th in the second week, and he did not even enter the list of appearances in the third to fifth week. He only played 1 gear attack in the game competition of the Indiana Polis.

US time Tuesday, Botes told reporters: «We need someone to make a fact, I am willing to be the first person, I think this uniform is extremely ugly, I am not a fans of mustard, I think the designer can choose more Good color. «

Rose created a 4-second 22 record in the 40-yard sprint body test before the election, so he was once thought that the long-distance advanced speed was completed with a rare speed, and hit the opponent in the long attack. However, since the selection of Selection in 2017 was selected, Rose’s career was suffering from the pain. He only completed a total of 51 battles in his career, and his career was completed in his last season, 506 yards were obtained.

Whether Botes is in the reason, he should first pay attention to the team’s record, at present, the Jagua Tiger 2 wins and 4 losses, ranking in the name of the partition, Botes’s pass success rate is only 59.7%, completed 9 Detaver is copied 9 times.