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Smoothening is better than straightening but not always, especially if you have stubborn curls.

Our major decision is influenced by the people around us. We often listen to them because we trust them. In the matter of hair treatment also we take bits of advice from our elders and friends. We often get common advice like smoothening is better than straightening, a keratin treatment is time-consuming, etc.

We end up getting the wrong treatment that we repent later.

Yes, we must listen to our friend's advice but the final decision must be based on logic. What hair treatment you must go for depends on your hair type. What bothers you the most Frizz, curls or waviness?

All have their respective solution. A person who already has straight hair doesn't need keratin treatment. A person with a lot of curls should go for this treatment instead.

Things also depend on your expected outcome. If you don't want the fake look, smoothening is the best for you but those who want pin-straight will not be satisfied with this treatment.

By the end of this article, you will get your logical reason for any treatment. Explore more-

Frizzy Hair

Frizz is the most annoying thing to bear. Despite having straight hair frizz ruin your look.

In the summer and monsoon season, the situation becomes more pathetic. You must have tried many hair oils and now wants a permanent solution.

But before heading to any conclusion consider your hair type. Do you have almost straight hair?

If yes, you can ditch straightening.
In smoothening, the basic structure of your hair is not altered. The hairstylist will only make it smooth and lustrous. You will feel improvement in your hair look but not a drastic change.

In the nutshell, your hair will give the illusion of well-nourished straight hair.
Now, this you could take as the appropriate logic to go for smoothening rather relying on the advice.

Curls with Frizz

Curly hair is not bad if you carry them nicely but if you are not able to overcome the obsession of straight hair this portion is for you.

Mostly, hairstylists will suggest that smoothening is better than straightening but in this case, it will not work.

How to Choose Hair Treatment

How to Choose Hair Treatment

Curly hair needs to undergo alteration in the structure of the hair.

Here you need to select among hair straightening options- keratin treatment, rebonding, etc. These are also known by various names like a Brazilian blowout, Japanese straightening, sampon par alb etc.

Here you got the logic that smoothening is not always better than straightening.

Wavy Hair

Now let's have a glance at this case. People with this hair type have two options. You can take smoothening if you want to tame frizz. If you want pin-straight hair, take keratin treatment.
Now, it is your call, whether you want to just avoid damage or want a transformation.

How to find a salon in Lucknow?

Here also the logic must prevail why to rely on advice only when the internet provides you with so many options.

There is no point in getting your treatment from the same place where your elder sister got. Research at your end is mandatory. For that you can type following keywords on Google- hair , keratin treatment in Lucknow, .

You will get a list of salons in the result. You can check ratings and reviews and contact them.
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