Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

After the end of the season last season, Gordon took the time to retrieve the state. Austin Ekeler has played a better performance over a period of time. However, after re-establishing the main running guards, Gordon’s performance has rebounded.

Matt Berkheng Alliance executives are responsible for multiple training campsMatt Birk, who is Matt Birk, who is Matt Birk, who is Matt Birk, who is a champion ring, and this year’s Harvard’s high-level students have made a good thing in NFL this year.

NFL regular season 15th official strength list rankingsAfter the end of the 14th week of the cheap Nfl jerseys from china regular season, let’s take a look at what changes in the power list. First, the top three are still by Green Bay packaging, the new England Patriot, Denver Musk, Seattle Hawki, the Eagle Eagle, returned to the top five, Pittsburgh, the chief Cincinnati, the chief, the chief of the same district, ranked 6 . In addition, the 49 people in San Francisco burst on the Auckland raid by 13-24, and became the biggest obstacle on the road to the «champion bowl», ranked 29th, 49 people’s playoffs I hope it has become very embarrassing. The following full list:

Berk career 6 times selection of professional bowls, at the same time, the 2011 Volt Pedon Award, 2013 or the representative of labor negotiations, his new work includes the operation of the game, the Governor ball exploration training and local training camp The development, the high-grade bowl and the East and Western match between universities are also the focus of his work.

Morrison is a quadruple show in Pony in 2016. A total of 15 games last season, complete 109 hugs, and destroy the ball once. But this year’s racing competition is more competitive than new Ji Najee Goode. For packaging, Line Wi Jack-Ryan race reimbursement, replacing Lien’s rookie Oreun — Box (Oren Burks) shoulder injury, the supplementation is necessary.

Popkins is a 2017 elected show, which can contribute to the special team and defensive group. However, after the packaging work, the old Tramon Williams, which ushered in Kevin King, and the presence of Popkins is not so important. In the Pony depth lineup, Pipkins currently temporarily in Kenny More (Kenny More) and Pierre Desir.

The former Los Angeles Lightning Runway has been seeking a long time, and he has told this and strike last year. However, in the case of atrophy of the running guards, Gordon had to accept the 2-year contract opened by the wild horse. According to Lotobot, there is a team that is better than the wild horse, but it is more attractive to Gordon in the Menian West District.

In the wilderness, Gordon’s partner in the running guard will be a Philip Lindsay, which has been prolonged for two consecutive seasons. The wild horses have always hoped to find a partner for Linds, and they hope to find a workload that can be shared from the inner mushroom. Obviously, the wild horse will rely on heavy squash attacks to mitigate the pressure on the young quadrant Dreu-Lock (Drew Lock).

Hardy said in recent interviews that he would make Jones feel happy, he said: «What I do now is to make Jones happy, because this opportunity is he gives me.» Last season, because of the riot of domestic violations, 15 The game, this year he was once again banned 10 games, it is reported that the final ban decision may be 2-6 games.

In receiving an interview, Burk said: «I am very happy to enter another chapter in your career. For me, I can help the role in other respects is a huge honor.» Burke became the 8th at NFL headquarters to obtain management positions. Former players, in his previous Murdon Hanks, Dwight Hollier, Patrick Kerney, James Thrash, David — David Tyree, Troy Vincent and Charles Way have experienced experience in NFL.

Lightning center Hudwick announced retirementOn the football stadium, between the strokes and quadrants often have very special embarrassment. This is the case in San Diego lightning, Nick Hardwick and Philip Rivers. Local time Monday, Hadwick announced retirement.

The old center that has entered the 11 years of 11 years in the 2004 draft, is selected in the third round. He and the same grade Rivers cooperated with tacit understanding in the long years in the future, and bilaterally a core player of lightning. Hadwick’s career has issued 136 games, in 108 games. In the 2006 season, 14 wins and 2 losses, Hadwick is also selected for professional bowl. The offensive front line he led is a lapse of the LaDainian Tomlinson, helping the latter 1815 yards, 31 times.

Hardwicks in front of the season have been revealed that the 2014 season is very likely to be his career’s last year. Unfortunately, he was plagued by the injury of the neck this season, only 1 time. The old will lose a sharp drop in the injury, and there is nearly 100 pounds of weight. Hadwick knows that he no longer has the conditions for continuing the game. Despite the injury, he still participated in every game of this season at the venue. In the second stage of the competition, Rivus expressed respect for this old friend, deliberately changed the number on the helmet to Hadwick’s 61.