Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

In addition, Lightning also announced that the California State University Dominggez Mountain Campus Campus accommodated 30,000 people’s Sanda Center (Stubhub Center) became the team’s temporary home court. After completing the new stadium in Englewood, Los Angeles is built. Lightning will face Buffalo, Denver, Chief, Miami Dolphin, Philadelphia Eagle, Auckland Association, and Washington, Auckland Association, and cheap jerseys Washington, Miami Dolphin, Philadelphia.

Klan himself said: «I only have to prepare this game for 2 days, so I am going to work. I always work at 8:30 in the evening. I hope to see as many video as possible, remember every tactic. I In this game, Jay is a lot during this period. He is really great. We look at the video together and analyze it together. He worked with me very late, giving me a huge help. «

Bear coach: Katler can also help the team

This week, Chicago bears were lost in Detroit lions at 14-20. Although this week was replaced by a substitute, the four-point Weijie-Carteller still attracted a lot of eyeballs. His body language and communication with teammates have left a deep impact on fans. In fact, Carterle not only goes all out during the game, but he also did a lot before the game. The bear coach said that Katler has been helping Jimmy Clausen, hoping to help him complete a good game. This game is also the first time after the Klan’s rookie season.

The defensive level of the package is close to the bottom of the alliance, but this does not affect the very powerful defensive players play. Julius Peppers, who have just been coming from the bear team, 16th seventh day of the first season, not only can prevent the ground, but also have a copy and destroy the ability of the pass.

The bear head coach Mark Trestman said: «Cartier in this week is very busy. He participated in the meeting, and he was all in training. He is using another way to help the team. Today In the game, he did all of us to do all. He has been with Jimmy and the quarter-saving coach. He provides his own valuable experience. You have seen it, he and Jimmy said a lot. «

Verinder Malhi told local reporters as a parties, he and his friends have opened 7 hours from Fresno to here, and the security personnel showed: «Because of my three friends. I wore a head towel, and if I don’t pick my head, it is prohibited. «

The decision of relocation ends the history of lightning in San Diego, but this is not a lightning in the Los Angeles game. In 1960 their first season, lightning in the Los Angeles game, and then they moved to San Diego.

In November, San Diego refused to raise funds for the construction of a new stadium in the city in voting. In the end, Spornos and San Diego officials failed to reach a consistent construction of new stadiums, and lightning could not stay in San Diego.

Not only that, but the packaging workers are weak offensive, it may make the Hawks’ defensive front lines are even more unscrupulous. The left and right side of the defensive end Michael Bennett and CLIFF Avril are 0.5 times in the season, and it seems that this Rogers can’t escape the destiny. At the same time, whether Ladia can run out of the average level last season and can only pray.

Red Leather Left Pieces Williams will continue to dismiss

Beijing July 23, US Time Monday, according to NFL NetWork reporters reported that the red skin of the mini training camp will continue to tend. Multi-part news pointed out that Williams didn’t have to report with teammates to Wednesday.

The packaging workers have been very good for players. Their external legion (including injured list) has 6 outer junctions and 4 close-end winds. They are all cultivated, and there is a new show and 6 years old will be Di Di — Jordy Nelson, this old will take 15.5 yards last season, and the number of balls will reach 126 times.

Overall, the Eagle’s offense can reflect different personal styles, while the package is more like a whole. There is a personal style is not a bad thing, as long as you can make a tacit understanding like packaging.

According to informed people, Spornos informed the alliance officials and some team bosses in their share of the Alliance officials on Wednesday. Lightning at the meeting is not a topic center, and the alliance has not provided additional fund support.

«After careful consideration, I have decided to move lightning to Los Angeles from the 2017 season.» Spinos said. «San Diego has become our home for 56 years. It will have always become part of our identity, my family and I have given our support and enthusiasm for our fans in the years.»

In the brutal outside of the Brunt, Telvin Smith is also a good news for the American tiger. He came to 40 defensive in the game, and he won the four-point guard, once forcing the rush to shoot, and 3 independent and 1 copy and 1 time destroyed (and promoted teammate copy Intermediate comment this week reached 5.6 points. His sports ability is extremely strong, and it is mainly responsible for passing the ball next to Persi. Brian’s four-point Weiner Brian Hoyer passed 5 times in his direction, only completed once and lost 2 yards, and the passing score was 0 points. After the lack of Persi, Smith should have more opportunities.