Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

There is no doubt that Ryan is a very good defensive coach. Even if there is only three victories, the jet is still limited to 20 points below 5 times. For jets to say that this performance is unimaginable, you have to know that their injuries are also very serious.

Panthers teammate: If the season ended now, running back McCaffrey will be the MVPI am afraid that even if a search could not find any dictionary can describe Christian — McCaffery (Christian McCaffrey) of the words of praise.

At the end of the fifth week of the game, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick — Macho James (Patrick Mahomes) may get most of the MVP vote, but if McCaffrey continue to lead the Panthers to win, he should get more people consider.

wholesale Nfl jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that Albert Breer reported that Pierll Paul returned to the team and accepts medical examination, the medical examination results show that his hand has no fracture. He is considered to be played with a gypsum.

The giant’s inspection is very important for determining the next step in the next step. Pierre Paul signed a contract, he was in the contract period, can be placed in a non-rugby injury list and caused him to lose the salary in the first six weeks of the season, which is not to sign the privilege label contract and until One of the reasons why recently arrived with the team. Both sides may rebuild Pierve Paul’s contract. He has not yet signed a privileged label contract worth $ 14.8 million, and the giant has not withdraws the contract. For Pierll Paul, he doesn’t want to lose the competition for the winner, and for giants, they are not willing to pay all 14.8 million US dollars due to the injury in the abstore because Pierre Paul is overwhelming.

McCaffrey is not only able to achieve surprising data, but also to the level of dedication may be the best season essence of action. He won the MVP may require many factors, but the Panthers will be glad McCaffrey continue to lead them to win.

Wild Hemoching Hand Feng — Miller’s ankle Turkon injury season reimbursement Tuesday, according to ESPN reporters, the wild honey slammed Von Miller injured in the last training of Tuesday, and therefore received surgery and reimbursed.

Kanmu at quarterback — the case of Newton’s absence, McCaffrey groups have taken up the offensive team, so that quarterback Kyle — Alan space to make mistakes, but also to help the team get three in a row. McCaffrey in the opening stages of the season advancing 866 yards in total, since 1950, ranking history, second only to 1964 — Jim Brown (Jim Brown) 988 yards.

Get on a non-league MVP quarterback player is 2012 running back Adrian — Peterson (Adrian Peterson), single season when he rushed the ball for 2097 yards. The advance single-season yardage record holder in NFL history who — Chris Johnson (Chris Johnson) (2509 yards) in 2009 did not get MVP, it shows the degree of difficulty running back wants to get the MVP. According to the current pace, McCaffrey season to promote the 2771 yards, breaking the record of Johnson.

Under the lead the jet, the jet has been a chance to win the United States, which proves his coaching level. He said in an interview on Tuesday: «I have foreseen that I have a super bowl of championship as the main coach, I really I saw it, I will let this happen. «

According to Latport report, in this case, the giant can get any contribution to Pierll Paul this season, it can be surprised. But according to informed people, he hopes to be prepared to return to the season in the early season.

«No, you’re constantly run out of synonyms,» coach Ron — Rivera (Ron Rivera) asked whether there are new words to describe said in McCaffrey. «You can have a lot of words to describe his performance when he played vitality & mdash;. & Mdash; the first wave of offensive game, he completed the first wave of attack way too amazing.»

«If you write to me, I will see if he comes from the earth,» defensive tackle Gerald — McCoy (Gerald McCoy) representation. «I’ll check to see whether he comes from Asgard such places. I do not know where this guy came from. If the season ended now, he is the MVP.»

At present, 5 wins and 5 negative Bill are still on the edge of the season. This year, the Madi-Feda playoffs is extremely competitive. Many teams have the opportunity to further, Bill nature doesn’t want to give up premature. For Maro, re-enable Manuel is not far from the white flag, at least he still hopes that the team can continue.

Inserting their best passive balls into new defense should be a giant that does not need to worry. I hope that the giant can satisfy the state of Pierol and let him return to the lineup in the early 2015 season.

Miller has only missed a game in the past six years. The player of this Octa-selected professional bowl has repeatedly said that he is not satisfied with the performance of 2019, and last season Miller has completed 8 killing, which is no longer two digits since 2013.

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