Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

«We all think this is awkward … because Pedton, his ability still exists,» Marshall said. «You know, he has the ability. I think the offensive group has achieved excellent performance just time problem, because this is a new offensive system. Now is the beginning of the season … just with the attack front line and the tacit problem of picking hands, Everyone has to cooperate with tacit approaches. I certainly believe that the offensive group will express the rebound. I don’t worry about anything. «

However, in the first battle in the season, Manning encountered the incidence of physical conditions encountered in the race of Indianapolis horses in January this year. The crow is firmly focused on the short-distance transmission area, daring 39 years old Manning to choose long biography.

When he was particularly asked if he saw Manning arm’s power declined, Marshal denied this: «No, I didn’t. I have been in the team since 2013, his arm’s power is looking for me, I I have not seen the difference. «

Skula told reporters: «I think I am close to 90-95%. The most important thing is to adjust the small muscle group, such as hips, knees, or even calf. I need to let these muscles to restore power & hellip; & hellip; also focus Attack front line skills training. «

Redick’s 48 regular games, completed 7.5 times, and forced the ball forcing the ball at once. The flush this year increases many fibers this year, including Devon Kennard, De & Rsquo; Vondre Campbell, Almighty, ISAIAH SIMMONS.

Redick was defending the defensive end in the university, and the new show was originally hit by the internal guard. After several games, it was changed to 3-4 outside the guard, and the vacancy after the Navi Markus Golden. . After the 2018 Ruthony replaced the coach group, Redke became 4-3 lines. He is also alternated between the end of the internal and external guards last season.

Despite the poor record, it is the main reason for Groad unemployment. The team high-level is also worried that the first round show 4 points, DWAYNE HASKINS, failed to achieve significant progress, he did not get under Grobe The first opportunity. At the same time, Jacksonville Americas also had poor cheap Nfl jerseys from China records, but the performance of the Six-round Show Quarteware-Ming Dynasty (Gardner MinShew) made the team saw hope.

Marshall is obviously Manning, but it is increasingly less than people who don’t have differences in Manning and previous season. Manning strives to prove that his doubizie is wrong, one of the most worthy of attention this year.

Crow Center Matt-Skra Kneck Injury In 2019, the 12th week of regular season, the crow Matt Skura encountered a serious knee injury, tearing the front cross-ligament, the inner sublarm and the rear side ligament.

The Skola has played all 1189 offensive in the 2018 season. The top 10 games in the top season also participated in all 700 gear offensive. Patrick Mekari is vacant on top of his injury, and it is very good.

If Gründen can get along with Ming repair, then the result may be good to all parties. Grunette’s last serve of the Attack Coordinator was held in 2013. At that time, Andy Dalton had achieved the most 4293 yards 33 times, and the tiger record reached 11 wins and 5 losses.

«It is best to closely cooperate,» Grunette said on Tuesday that he was asked so far, the quarter-saving, especially the relationship between the Ming Dynasty, «My duty is to make it closely. Understand the quarter-saving personality, let him understand what we are at every one, every game, weekly goals, this will be very important. I love Gardner’s competition. You can be in his university and obvious last year. It is seen in the game. Now, he needs to have some general understanding of attack tactics, and I have to understand what he likes. I don’t like anything, what makes him show outstanding people. I am a very easy to get along with people. I know him. So I think the relationship between us will be great. «

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