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ElectrumSV Wallet can only be downloaded and installed from https://www.electrumbsv.org

When users have coins that existed before Bitcoin Cash became a split blockchain from Bitcoin SV,

those coins are connected on simultaneously blockchains. When they are directed in a wallet on one blockchain, that

motion can also send them on the other blockchain. Customers have had this unexpectedly happen to them,

and the receiver has resisted to return the money from the blockchain the user did not plan to submit on.

If you think you have unsplit coins in your Electrum bsv wallet, you can use ElectrumBSV’s coin-splitting

feature to split up them. But remember that you are reliable for your own coins, you should check for

yourself that the breaking worked. And if you are unsure whether your coins require to be split, you can

constantly split them nevertheless.

How does dividing perform?

The procedure is simple, if the coins are sent on Electrum BSV wallet in a way that is contradictory with

Bitcoin Cash, then the coins are split. Any intake of those specific coins that have been split up will from

then on be independent on either blockchain.

In order to maintain it simplified ElectrumBSV wallet, we only do the least complicated event. We make your wallet do a

payment to themselves that blends all the presented coins within it in a way that should be applicable on Bitcoin

BSV and not Bitcoin Cash. This outcomes in one solitary split coin mixing all the individual coins that you

owned in your wallet before the split.

How you separate your coins

Sadly, all the coins in the wallet put here are already separate. So that the following is merely intending

through the method to show you how it will work. You can see that this wallet features a little money of

Bitcoin SV.

Let’s begin by transforming to the coin-splitting tab:

Once you are lookin at the coin-splitting tab, you have a pair of solutions. Either straight splitting or faucet

splitting. We recommend the direct dividing, and do not very supporting the faucet splitting any more.

Straight breaking does not function for hardware wallets, which because to built-in boundaries can only work in

easy ways.

Clicking on the direct splitting button will ask you for your security information. You will read that the balance of the

splitting transaction is the balance of the out there coins in the wallet.

Once you input your pass word, it will sign and send out your transaction. This will take place pretty

rapidly, and the moment it is done you will notice a dialogue allowing you recognize the splitting transaction was


You can right now go right back to the bsv electrum wallet background tab and see the splitting transfer there,

which has an automatic explanation observing just what it was produced for.

The bsv wallet track record page with the splitting operation.

In theory, your coins must be separate. But again, you are trusted for operating them properly and you must

make sure that they are completely split.

Ensuring your coins are split

BSV electrum bsv download wallet Bitcoin is complicated, and in an effort to really know for by yourself that your coins are

split, you are looking for to have some level of technological understanding. It’s a lot simpler to just deliver them to

different places on each blockchains, particularly safe places like your obtain wallet’s obtaining addresses

and examine that they arrive there — so just do that!

Right here is a good way to get it done:

Perform a direct divide in BitcoinBSV wallet.

Open up your Bitcoin Cash wallet using the cash which happened to be connected to Bitcoin BSV, it you just divide in


Produce a newer empty Bitcoin Cash wallet.

Submit the coins in your very own pre-existing Bitcoin Cash wallet to the newer Bitcoin Cash wallet.

You can then monitor that your Bitcoin Cash is in a unique new wallet, plus your Bitcoin BSV is within the old

wallet. Neither of them moved considering the other transferred, but very both of the were went by you. You might

wonder why you should have to create a second Bitcoin Cash wallet, and the justification is that this assures that

your Bitcoin BSV and Bitcoin Cash are with a variety of keys and it both of the facilitate confirm they are unlinked and

provides you better security heading onwards.

Hardware wallets are acutely brief units with not a great deal flexibility. They exclusive let particular types

of trades to be signed, and this particular does not consist of the type that the straight breaking method uses.

If you have a hardware wallet, consider doing and make use of faucet dividing. Faucet splitting runs by adding a

very small Bitcoin BSV coin to your wallet, then blending all the available to you coins in your wallet with that

Bitcoin BSV coin. This allows a newer Bitcoin BSV coin which is naturally contradictory through the Bitcoin Cash

blockchain, and so the coins in the wallet have been divide.

Alternatively, if the faucet is no longer working you can have a person to deliver you a very smaller quantity of

Bitcoin BSV and you can achieve the same thing your self by giving all the money in your budget to one particular

of your acquire details (such as that really tiny quantity of Bitcoin BSV).

Boosting variations anywhere between blockchains

Recently there are an growing range of changes between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin BSV. When it is great

practise to split your coins just in case you lose your Bitcoin BSV when delivering your Bitcoin Cash, or drop

your Bitcoin Cash when forwarding your Bitcoin BSV, it is potentially growing to be better to avoid it.