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Woven patches are made by yarn only. The yarn is stitched in a continuous design that helps achieve more delicate detail in the patch’s text and design. The patch is woven, and the outcome is a smooth appearance without any raised texture. If you run your fingers on a woven patch, you won’t feel any bumps or unevenness in the patch. It is a clear cutthroat patch whose versatility in design makes it so much better.

Because of the fine details achieved by woven patches, they have become a great way to help achieve photographic realism, especially on clothing.

You can get the best look of an embroidered patch with the elegant feel of a classic one and fine details of a woven label with the woven patches. Woven patches can be used in so many ways in almost every single way that the embroidered patch can be used. The woven patches use thin threads woven together instead of the embroidered patches on a fabric. These pieces are ideal for when the design is too complex or very fine details.

Why use custom woven patches?


Like we mentioned above, custom woven patches can be used to deliver the best, most complicated designs on a patch. The patch you want to use depends on the detail that is in your artwork. If you have artwork with many details, you can achieve better results with woven patches than embroidered patches. The amount of detail on embroidered patches is limited by the design the patches are made.


If you want a patch that is thin and flexible, the woven labels are perfect for you. They don’t employ a substrate giving them a thinner profile compared to the standard patch. That makes it easier to attach the woven patch on fabric that requires much flexibility. They are perfect for pants, shirts, jackets, and blankets.

Unique Look

Woven patches are created using thin yarns. However, the outcome of each is a different look. The woven patches give you a cleaner and smoother appearance. If you are going for this combined with a much softer look on your complicated detail, custom patches will provide you with a better and more polished look.

Custom woven patches no minimum

Ready to create your own custom woven patches? These are fantastic pieces of art that voice out your brand nicely. Here at Dany Patches we don’t limit any quantity for custom woven patches and labels.

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