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The snow is about to fall and the temperature is around 0 degrees Celsius. This «winter» is one of the coldest and harshest seasons in Sweden.

In Sweden, winter lasts from November to March. It can be very harsh with a lot of snow, frost and ice all over the place — not forgetting some days below freezing point in January!

While it may be cold outside, the winter season is a beautiful time of year. It’s a time for reflection and contemplation, and also for ensuring that your home is as warm and comfortable as possible.

In this article, we’ll explore how to prepare your home for the winter ahead. Let’s start with some tips on keeping your car from freezing over.

Winter is a season in which the weather gets very cold. It is characterized by low temperatures, snow, ice and a lot of rain.

Winter is the time of year when there are many reasons to stay indoors and Blog o niczym enjoy some activities such as reading or watching movies. Fun winter activities include board games, outdoor winter sports and painting. Winter season is also the time when people make some adjustments to their lifestyle so that they can keep warm during this cold time of year.

Winter Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) occurs when people have a seasonal pattern of depression with less light exposure in winter months as well as other symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain or loss and poor sleep during these months

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