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A lot of apps allow you to sign in with Twitter. Like, to make it easy to create an account you sign in with Twitter and everything’s good. Or even things like Twitter and Facebook, Diamond Painting Kits (www.diamondpaintingoutlet.com) you should be able to talk to each other and have one account that does both and it just drives me bonkers that that’s not the case. And that’s a start. We’d like it to be higher but it’s a start and we learned a lot from the process this time and we know how to make some things simpler for next time.

Therefore, Diamond Painting Netherlands it was possible to start with Bridgy and expand outward to its dependencies, Diamond Painting Kits avoiding a potential blind spot. But from the perspective of people who use Bridgy on their own sites, Diamond Painting POSSE offers a way to get the benefits of corporate social media while avoiding some of its downsides. If you order your food from SeamlessWeb (it delivers a ready-to-eat gourmet meal to your doorstep) and eat it while surfing the internet, you are in the thrall of technology.

This included managing differing logics for Diamond Painting Netherlands identifying and addressing resources while working across the open Web and platforms. Another IndieWeb developer who created a commercial service with similar syndication features as Bridgy has written that reliance on platform APIs had been an obstacle, Broderie diamant especially from a business perspective, «Back when I was working on Known, investors would ask about the supplier risk of being so heavily dependent on third party APIs to provide a lot of the core value.

From Facebook’s perspective, IDs are intended to be taken as opaque objects, and Bridgy’s attempts to decode them are not supported. To the larger community I think there are definitely cases where it can be hugely problematic. I will conclude this chapter by returning to the research questions posed at its beginning, and then discussing implications of the results for the IndieWeb and design research more generally. I also think that that is not something that is necessarily solvable because there are always going to be entities that want to collect and aggregate data for various reasons and will always find a way to do it.

I don’t think other members are that concerned about it. I don’t want to depend on anything else for something so important as the user creating an account or creating a new blog. You look at the inheritance chain, you look at a bunch of other stuff, and you just don’t know. Even across countries and across companies you can have a phone number and we can still communicate with each other on a cellular phone network, but somehow the internet doesn’t work that way and it’s stupid that it doesn’t.

And then they also have ten or a hundred thousand features that silo doesn’t. We had someone who submitted an application and then by the time we saw it, it was too late to actually go book the ticket and they had made other plans for the date. When someone posts multiple photos to their Facebook timeline in a short period of time, Facebook creates a parent post representing all of them as a group, even if the individual photos have distinct privacy settings.

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