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Korean woman

Korean woman

Korean women's beauty secrets
The fact that Korean women have radiant skin and are always smooth has caught the attention of other women in the rest of the world.

For these women, who use products different from global care products, some products vary according to their age and needs, starting from their adolescence. We will give answers to the questions of what is K-Beauty, which has just started to enter our beauty vocabulary, and why it became popular.

What is K-Beauty?

Taking care of the skin in Korean culture is one of the important rituals of both women and men from their children. For this reason, the cosmetics industry in Korea is highly developed. K-Beauty is the name given to the beauty industry in Korea.

South Korea is strongly driven by both its culture and industry. There are serious beauty centers on the main streets and shopping centers. It is also supported by ads.

Why K-Beauty Became Popular?

One of the reasons why K-Beauty products are so popular all over the world is that very serious and long-term research and development on the products are made.

In addition, the designed products must achieve the benefits they should give. Because there is a very serious competition between these products.
Many of the K-Beauty products also use unconventional ingredients for cosmetics.

For this reason, South Korea's beauty industry is usually 10 years ahead of other countries in the world.

K-Beauty Is Also For Kids!

Beauty centers and products are not just for teenagers and adults in South Korea. There are also beauty centers and products for children.
The government is working specifically to ensure that children can exist in this culture.

At the beginning of these works is the introduction of new and very strict rules for the safety of children.

The reason for these products for children is that as children grow up, adults become curious about cosmetics and offer safer options for them to try them.

How to Do a K-Beauty Routine

The K-Beauty beauty routine consists of 10 steps. While it is normal for some of these steps to be skipped in morning routines, it is sufficient to do some steps once a week or a month.

Eye Makeup Removal

Since the skin around the eyes is much thinner and more sensitive than other parts of the face, a targeted cleanser should be used. For this, it is necessary to start the routine with an eye make-up remover and cleaning the eye make-up.

Double Cleaning

In K-Beauty care, 2 products are used to clean the skin. The first of these is an oil-based cleanser. The reason for using this cleanser is that it removes make-up and dirt from the skin.
The second product used for facial cleansing is usually in foam form.

The purpose of this cleaner is to remove the dirt in the pores.


Although peeling is included in K-Beauty routines, it is recommended 2 times a week or once a month. The peeling products to be used in this step mustn't be harsh.

Generally, cotton soaked with one of the AHA oils is sufficient.


One of the most important steps in the routine is definitely the tonic step. The purpose of this step is to clean the remaining residues on the skin and prepare the skin for the next steps.

The Essence of the Treatment

This step is not included in the usual beauty routines. It is used only in the K-Beauty routine to prepare the skin for the next care steps.
These products, which have water-based formulas, can be considered as the lighter structure of serums.


In this step, what is forever living clean 9 your skin needs is given. Products such as moisturizers, clarification, and lightening are used. Ampoules and serums are used in this step.

Paper Mask

These paper masks, which are recommended to be applied once a week, provide more moisture to the skin. It also provides a glow to the skin.

Eye Cream

Since the skin around the eyes is sensitive and thin, it needs separate and special care.

For this reason, it is important to use creams for the eye area.

Sleep Humidification

During the night, you should use a mask or cream that will moisturize your skin or provide a forever c9 detox effect. In this way, you can ensure that all steps are completed.

It is recommended to use masks that cannot be washed, especially at night. In this way, the skin will be saturated with moisture. On the other hand, there is no problem with using your daily moisturizers.

Sun Protection

They are the most important steps that should be included in your morning routine.

Since it is important to protect from the harmful effects of the sun, it is absolutely necessary to use sunscreen with a high SPF value.

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