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As far as full body workouts go you can do much better than using kettlebells.Unlike traditional dumbbells, you can safely manoeuvre a kettlebell in all sorts of ways. It is this feature that makes them so versatile and a kettlebell workout so flexible. It is the design of the kettlebell that makes all the difference.

The origins of kettlebells are distinctly agricultural.Dating back to 16th century Russia they were originaly used to counter balance early ploughs and other farm equipment. Because of the utilitarian nature of best kettlebells, they were built to last. This enabled them to take on other uses such as counterbalances for market stalls.

So how did the humble kettlebell end up as one of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment around the world?Their history is very much tied up with Russian history and in particular the Tzars. As feudal Russia gradually became more organized, so did the military. Gangs and militias evolved ointo a single Russian army. Discipline was strict and the kettlebell is thought to have been used as a form of punishment.

Russian generals quickly realized that those regularly punished by having to carry kettlebells around became stronger.Soon the kettlebell was used to get soldiers in shape. At the time this was a revolutionary idea and it is thought to be the first example of an organized keep fit regime being used anywhere.

You can benefit from all this history by starting a kettlebell workout program.Obviously you will need a kettlebell. You can start with just one, in fact you never really have to have 2 kettlebells unless you really want to develop phenomenal strength and bulk. Most moves only require the use of one kettlebell.

Probably the most important move to learn is the kettlebell swing.This move underpins many of the moves found in a complete workout. Mastering the swing enables you to develop virtually all the techniques you will need to become adept at using kettlebells.

It is important not to try to do to much to soon to prevent injury.Not just muscle injury from over exertion but also from dropping the kettlebell. Performing a move like the Turkish get up when not fully versed in the correct techniques can lead to serious injury. Imagine dropping a 16kg iron kettlebell on your head, not very pretty.

For this reason it is highly important to follow a well defined kettlebell workout program.You can either employ a certified kettlebell instructor or take a class at your local gym. A further option open to you is to download a workout program. These can either be in electronic book form or a combination of book and video — either DVD or via online streaming.

Whatever method you choose, following a kettlebell workout enables you to sculpt your body exactly as you want.You can target specific areas of the body or workout your whole body at once. In addition to this you can use kettlebells as part of a cardio workout too. This is one of the greatest benefits of this simple, ancient pieces of equipment

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