Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Losing Lin Qi weakened the Haiying once a rushing attack. Although in a well-behaved offensive front line, the Hawks of the Hawowk is still in the league seventh. They have not yet obtained the squad to reach the ball and the current data of the 128 yards of the ambassador, nearly 45 yards last year. .

Attention is now placed on Fred Jackson, but he is also troubled by an ankle injury. Jackson will start the training test before the start of the game, but Carol is optimistic about Jackson on Friday, he said: «You can’t understand how he is hurt, but he looks ready.»

Dolphins and Safety Mac Donald last four years

Miami dolphins signed the former ram safety T. J. McDonald (T. J. McDonald), and their hearts are very clear that this player will be missed half a season because of the ban.

When Aliis held a preliminary teacher, Ali Ans used the first round of the first round of Buluon. After the 2018 season, the Bukandon New Show Contract expires, and he signed a year in the lift season and the pirates of Alius. But he only played 5 games, participated in 6 defenders, and then cut it at 10.9.

However, the performance of McDonald joined the team seems to be amazing Miami, so they are willing to give a long approximately. According to ESPN reporters, dolphins have completed a four-year 24 million US dollars on Saturday, including 10 million US dollars.

You know how we know it? Because these two sectors on Wednesday on their Twitter war, and the war began to push Houston police issued a fairly innocent messages consultation Dallas police and their star player JJ Watt (JJ Watt) weekend which four starting point guard. Content is this: «? Last week’s victory is really great, then the Texans this week, which will be Dallas quarterback @ JJWATT @ DallasPD do you know?»

After Dallas and Houston police began to attack each other’s weaknesses messages back and forth.

Tuesday, US Tuesday, the official announced the signing of this 27-year-old player. Bukannon will reunite with the old acquaintance James Bettcher. Bechcher is a patron, serving as the overlunting coach and defensive coordinator.

Houston and Dallas police on Twitter «war» of the

Houston and Dallas guard development sector seems to have been ready for the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans on Sunday’s game, the fans and the team may not be ready yet.

Seattle Hawks have won the 7th night of Night. This season, they did not have to defeat at home. Since 2012, the Seattle Hawks’ century link stadium becomes the main family in the devil. In less than five years, the home Hawow won the 34 wins and 5 losses including the playoffs. The two teams still diverted back to Wilson’s rookie season in 2012, the new show quarter Sauceel — Wilson used the pass to take 1 time in half games, while the pavement pushed 3 times Sportball reaches. This anti-day data also made him a unique existence in nfl jerseys history.

Nerton is a three-wheeled show in the 2009 Jacksonville American Tiger. He hit four years in the American tiger, the wild horse two years, red skin for one year. Nateda’s 108 games, first of which 96 were first harvested, 14 shots, 2 copies and 3 times forced the ball.

Until Houston Police tweets sent this message:. «Lost the game his own party Twitter avatar into the opposing team 24 hours,» Dallas replied: «Look at your avatar so ugly, no one is willing to change some of . «

Natedon has taken a while in the training camp of the new England patriots, but after the training camp is over. After that, he once visited Washington red skin in October, but he did not reach a contract.

Seattle Eagle once again appeared in the Night Terminal stage every week, this time they will take the home to meet the visiting Buffalo Bill. The Sunday, the Sunday, the Haiye and the Racque brought a wonderful defensive war in the fans. This week, Cheap jerseys From china it is a defensive battle that seems to be «ugly» this week.

Old will have been in the league’s 10 seasons. The outer line is outside Guolongrenzo — Alexander finally welcomed the climax of career in Buffalo. This season’s 33-year-old outside guard has taken the most 9 times of career, leading the entire alliance. But in 127 games before his career, he just got 9 kills. In the past two seasons, Bill quarterly Taylor became an except for Kam-Newton, the single session can take 90+ Passage Rating (94.8) and 800+ road propulsion code (887) four Defense. The two teams are very similar, and they will be confrontated again after four years. Who can laugh at the end?