Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

The good news of the Black Panther is that the defending end Johnson will start normal training on Friday, and determine the meeting on Sunday. For the defense of the Black Panther, the loss of Johnson will be large, because due to violent allegation of Greg Hardy, Frank Alexander is added by the Second Alexander Boarding Regulations 10 games in the ban.

Nowadays Mike Tolbert and Richie Brockel cannot be played, and the whole guards are selected for temporary vacancy. At least this week’s Black Panther did not sign a free player all the way to replace this position, Rivre said that near-end-edge-Williams and Ed Dickson will assist in this location. But at least Dickson is still not decided. Stu Watt training is not bad but is not enough to go to the field. «He still needs further effort.»

Due to the starting running Guide Anglo — Williams (Dean Swing) Because the ankle sprain is unable to play, Jonathan Stewart, due to the death of the knee, Si Vila has to announce Fozzy Whittaker, Dalin Reaves and recently signed Chris Ogbonnaya will allocate the right to match. Vitc and Ruifus will get the main running task, Cheap Jerseys From China but he still tends to use «good» that.

Capeni is very bad in the game game lost to Chicago Bear. In the university, Kelnik passed a success of 1 time, only 4 yards, and the second half he was replaced by BLINE Gabbert. Kareny, who was killed 5 times in this game, became a quarter-saving time since 1970.

The head coach said: «Our decisions will depend on his feelings, everything is based on his body. We will not give him too much pressure to run, just as you can see, everything depends on his own feelings. «

After a wave of eight-game winning, the patriot successfully kicked the eagle. On Sunday, it was completely unexpected victory. Although Buffalobir has reached the team leadership Bill Belichick, the Patriots in this week have no pressure. Of course, most social media will only push you «Tom Brady» and offensive coordinators, Josh McDaniels quarrel, this episode is, Braddy fails in Bill half with a unmanned external connector, McDanier shakes his head.

In the case of a complex, running attack-based offensive group, an excellent four-guard and returning to the offensive coordinator for a season, ensuring that the team members who open the ball cover and run the open circuit are black. Leopard is critical in the future.

The black Leopard announced that the five-degree Ryan Kalil, which was selected by the professional bowl, has been with the team for 2 years. According to NFL official website, Rand Getlin reported that this contract was $ 16.75 million, with $ 13 million in guarantee income.

«I ask Gin, do you remember?» Lewis said. «He said, & lsquo; Yes, everyone let me play 15 defensive defensive. & Rsquo; That is the first time in his career. This is our close attention. We will pay attention to his body in the next game. situation.»

Tiger means that they will be extraordinary in this game. «Basically, no matter how it turns, it will not cause too much impact on this position,» Lewis said. «He will pay attention to himself, we will pay attention to him.»

For Tiger, it is not necessary to lack at Atkins. In the 2011 season, he had a passenger’s experience and did not occur unexpectedly. At that time, he was the first time in his career. Team coach Marvin Marvin Lewis said that he discussed the game this week and Atkins.

Although it is not suitable for high altitude competition Atkins still playCincinnati Tiger Professional Bowl Defensive Diagonal Kino — Geno Atkins has been in the defensive front lines. After the number of murders in this season reached 10 times, Atkins became the first season of the Tiger Team, there were more than one season, the number of people reached two digits (12.5 times in the 2012 season).

If the iron ride of the ram offensive group continues to advance & hellip; & hellip; Is there any team to block it? Although the offensive group in the gameplay can only be a powerful thing & mdash; & mdash; but they still complete the 300+ code advancement. What’s more, there is a defensive group of Wade Phillips, and they are nothing to do. The Ramfield only released 18 points, and he also won a defensive group to reach this week. Todd Gurley, although he did not receive a few MVP votes (someone really would choose him), but he has achieved a 158 yard propulsion code. The ram did not use him in the attack on the attack, so he will still have a power in the playoffs. This also represents the effective time that they can use the mushroom, let Robert Quinn, Aaron Donald, and others take a rest.

Rivira said: «Who may play a good one to play more, everyone will get the opportunity to hold the ball, if Fusi can match the precedence of the precedence against the Matsurgh steelman It shows excellent in this, which is exciting to him, and it is also for us. «

This is the first time, the eagle has fallen in the first time since the Branding Bill of Week, and it is also the first time in the eighth week. They were previously accounted for in the alliance competition before they rely on the offensive and defense, and the Carson Wentz was also got a lot of MVP voices. But on Sunday, no matter the offensive group, defensive group, or young quadruple, was pressed by the Hawks. Russell Wilson has proved that he has not exited MVP competition, and the Habit offensive group is good in the red area, and the defensive group also made appropriate adjustments. Although the front line of the eagle has a lot of pressure, they have not added additional trouble to Wilson. However, since the 1988-1990 Randall Cunningham, the eagle has not been forced to make adjustments to the other side defensive coordinator for a long time. The next game, the eagle wants to spend the ram, very expected to be right.