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Over 100 Democrat lawyers were sent to fight against this audit. The results of the audit revealed there’s over a 99% chance the bond proposal was approved by voters. With votes still to be counted, 2020’s turnout is now at more than 64 percent of all eligible voters, Election Audit the highest percentage since 1900. A huge chunk of those voters did so early, either in person or by mail, another first. California gained 700,000± in population from 2016 to 2020, but gained 6,000,000± registered voters. Among the top ten positive contrast states (i.e., where Biden did better than Clinton did in 2016), California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, and Washington all had protracted vote counting/tabulation due to laws preventing the count of mail-in before the polls closed. The America Project, a non-profit run by Overstock founder Patrick Byrne, who met with Trump in the Oval Office in December to discuss tactics for overturning the election results, according to The Washington Post. In fact, one logical explanation for the contrast would be that President Trump’s 1.5± million increase in vote totals from 2016 to 2020 came from people who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 or who sat out the 2016 election. It builds on a debunked narrative that Trump’s administration put secret watermarks on official ballots to trick cheating Democrats.

That the Democrats have fought tooth-and-nail to prevent such audits explains much because if they were certain of Biden’s «overwhelming victory,» then the audits would prove that fact once and for all. Why are the Democrats fighting so hard to hide the facts? «The hand count shows that our machines are accurately counting ballots,»said Burke. » said Fredericks. «Somebody printed them up on a machine and ran them through the vote counting machines. On May 20, Hobbs, the secretary of state, announced that the voting machines turned over to Cyber Ninjas and other companies would need to be replaced because of uncertainty over what is being done to them. How is that possible when Trump increased his vote totals in 2020 by over 461,000 from 2016? The latest «no evidence» comment came from a Phoenix TV political reporter who regurgitated the uproar over state senator Sonny Borelli telling a woman in possession of shredded 2020 ballots not to give them to the state’s attorney general as the risk of them disappearing would be high. Of the top 10 states with the highest 2020 voter turnout rates, the top five in population all went for Biden. In addition, the ten states with the largest positive contrasts provided 3± million more votes for Biden than they did for Clinton, as shown in the table below.

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On its website, Audit the Vote PA also claims that only 1.8 million mail-in ballots were sent out ahead of the November election but that more than 2.5 million were sent back. Montgomery County conducted its fourth post-election audit on Thursday, November 12th, under a new law designed to monitor and protect election processes. Iowa law allows the Secretary of State choose, at random, one precinct in each Iowa county to be audited. If the vote tallies differ from what was previously recorded by the counties, it is the results of the audit that will be certified by the state. Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos will perform a post-election audit of the 2020 Vermont General Election results this week. Trump carried Georgia in 2016, yet lost in 2020 while gaining 372,000 votes partly because Biden got 220,000± more votes than expected. New York, New Jersey, and Illinois lost population from 2016 to 2020, but dramatically gained in voter registrations.

Michigan and Pennsylvania gained slightly in population from 2016 to 2020, but gained dramatically in registrations. That’s a good thought, but between 2016 and 2020, the Census Bureau says that the population of California increase by less than 700,000 people. The team also performed a contrast analysis for each county in each state in order to determine outliers that are good candidates for precinct-level analysis. Conclusion. This latest report from the Droz team adds more fuel to the fire regarding «election irregularities» in multiple states during the 2020 presidential election. «With the 2020 elections at hand and increased potential for revised election processes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical that CISA institute a well-coordinated approach and provide the guidance and assistance necessary to secure the Nation’s election infrastructure,» the report said. Georgia already recounted its ballots twice, including once by hand. The audit requires county auditors to oversee a hand count of the top race on the ballot and compare the results to the voting machine count from election night. Leveraging proprietary methodologies, auditors also test for risks beyond the above lists of common and known issues.

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