Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Fortunately, the team’s four-dimensional Ben Roethlisberger confirmed that the Sunday was played on the Sunday. Among the previous lists, the shoulder injury has been absent for a week in the last week of the last week.

Saint coach said silent against the future of defensive coordinatorsThe New Orleans saints ended a disappointment season. At present, the most popular discussion of the team is the issue of defensive coordinator RoB Ryan. Sen Payton, represents this problem, is silent in an interview.

When the tweet returned to a Denver radio to adjust whether he would adjust the discussion of the contract: «This will not happen, it will not happen.» This means we can think that if the wild horse and Sanders are reconstructed Contract, Sanders will not agree.

Wild horses take over Emannur — Sanders unwilling to rebuild the contractBeijing February 20th, Emmanuel Sanders, did not make people spend a lot of time to guess whether he will rebuild the contract.

It can be said that the injury in Sanders last season completely destroyed the pall attack of the wild horses, and the wild horse ended the season after his lack. Unless the injury of Sanders is difficult to heal and will ablate Most of the 2019 season, it will damage that he will harm the wild horses in the offensive tactics. After the introduction of the old will give him the best offensive player after VLC, it will be a stupid decision.

The salary space of the wild horses is not unfair, and before the transaction of Joe-Vlaco (Joe FLACCO), there are currently 3752 US dollars, which is the 13th of the league. However, in view of Sanders, it may not be able to play a new season’s opening stage, which can not be able to organize 10.5 million US dollars.

When the Knight’s champion won the first major sports event champion in Cleveland, the Nfl Jerseys championship since Brown in 1964. At that time, Jim Brown who led Brown won the championship, launched a speech on the audience who participated in the parade.

In the nearest ESPN documentary, I was crying for myself to apologize in the 1987 Melaton Championship. I participated in the parade. He even asked the Knights of Tharen Lu (Tyronn Lue) before the celebration.

Pedon said: «Everyone has its own position, the player has a player who needs to care, the coach also needs to grasp the coach. I don’t think this is a suitable time, the right position to talk about this. At least now No, I won’t give this point of view. «This season, the scene of the saints lost the yarn row in the League 31, and the field is out of position. The injury may be one of the reasons why it is behaving, but more importantly, the team has too much misses, and it is also struggling in the coverage defense.

If Galley and Mason are absent from the game, the race will be considered to be the advantage of offensive groups. Trey Watts in the preseason, Trewatts (Trey Watts) were banned from participating in the season’s four games due to the provisions of NFL drug abuse.

These 20 teams are Cincinnati Mason, Denver Musab, Arizona, Red Wine, New York Jet, Jacksonville, Detroit Lion, Green Bay Packaging, Los Angeles, New Orleans Saints , Seattle Hawks, Pittsburgh Steel Man, Houston Texas, Tennesi Titan, Minnesotavijing and 49 people in San Francisco.

This season is the 11th season of Ryan as a defensive coordinator. However, he only entered the first 13 in the defensive rankings, but there were 5 seasons before the countdown 5. According to NFL official website reporters, Pelton is more inclined to let the team retain Ryan, and he does not want the team to take a risk to replace the defensive coordinator in just two years.

If these players can’t play the first battle in the season, then the heavy responsibies will fall to Benny Cunningham and ISAIAH PEAD or the new Xiu Malchem ​​- Brown (Malcolm Brown) This is not an attractive combination.

Although Mason is dissatisfied with the departure, he is called «slight trauma» injury may not let him play the first battle against the Seattle Sea Eagle. ESPN reported that Mason suffered from leg tears. Mason is absent from training training earlier due to similar leg gluten injuries. This injury cannot predict and usually last long.

However, there are only 4 teams in all teams & mdash; & mdash; Tampa Bay pirate, Miami dolphin, Philadelphia eagle and Baltimore Crow & mdash; & mdash; carry out physical training. According to the agreement reached by the NFL and the players, it can restore the line training until all team base is reopened.

In the ram 14-24, the start of the first appearance in the seasons of the Indianapolis, Tre Mason was hurt by the leg glute. «This is just a slight injury,» Mason said. «It’s not too bad. Just the leg gluten is a bit tight. I have a bit sore, so I will leave the game.»

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