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Technology changes with the change in consumer behavior.

Today, consumers are more aware than ever before. They are on a constant lookout for valuable information via huge range of electronic devices. They demand value, quick results and a level of personalization, even while purchasing their daily commodities. Considering this behavioral change, companies need to gear up with strong digital marketing strategies to satisfy their target audiences.

In this Era of digital marketing, mobile video advertising is considered the most effective communication medium to drives brand awareness and deeper customer engagement. And, when it comes to customer engagement, the impact of mobile video advertising cannot be denied.An advanced technology of bringing the power of vlisual, motion, and sound together while keeping the audience engaged. No matter, whether small or big, if your mobile advertisement hits audience's' mind, your business will grow for sure.

Predictable growth of mobile video advertising by the end of 2019

An appealing audio-visuals accompanying impressive and catchy content can nail it for any business without leaving even a little chance to lose customer's attention. According to eMarketer, even the US market has addressed the fast growth of digital ad spending in comparison to the others.eMarketer also estimates that by the end of 2019, future leadership skills mobile's share of the total digital mobile video advertising will reach 47.7%.

Introduction of a new mobile video customer engagement platform- moLotus

As mobile video ads are getting popular among advertisers, many mobile advertising options have came into existence that engages customers for a prolonged period of time, giving room to brands for their product promotion. With the popularity of mobile video advertising, a new marketing tool has taken a wide place in the market called moLotus which is an interactive and innovative mobile video messaging platform.

It is an automated and personalized way of brand promotion at minimum cost. It is a revolutionary medium that delivers spam and fraud free consumer-delighting greetings, offers, and discount messages in minutes. With this mobile digital video advertising platform, advertisers or marketers can send personalized messages, demonstrate their products or services and wish them on their every special occasion. It enhances brand-customer relation while keeping them engaged and delighted.

A unique feature which makes moLotus different from others is it's «no app, no data» feature. This innovative and customized platform delivers messages without using any app or internet directly to the target audiences' mobile inbox. moLotus can send up to 45 sec long interactive and rich videos that are good to catch user's interest be it vertical or horizontal, viewing.It is the most suitable mobile rich media advertising tool to engage, delight, acquire and retain your millions of global clients in a single go.

Aarun Ssingh Photo My name is Arun Singh.I am the author of this Article. With this article, I am helping my authors to know the importance of moLotus- and its impact on people these days.