Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Be last season served as a full-time Barret to complete 58 hugs, 6 forcing the ball, and selected the best lineup. He will hit the offensive front line with Jason Pierre-Paul, Lavonte David and Devin White.

Carolina Panthers team president Danny Morrison — (Danny Morrison) said in an interview with WSOC program: «Sika Lott High School has a proud history, having served their football field for students and their families as well as community, from the glorious football history shows its glory, but this requires a new stadium built. «

This contract allows the baseline of the baseline that the elite level is ranked, and the wire guard usually does not get a big contract. Seattle Hawks Inner Wagbo — Wagner Signed a 43.77 million dollar renewal contract in early August, including $ 22 million of guaranteed income.

Local media reports that many people familiarants expressed their ban on the ban, lost a draft selection and fine, and NFL is investigating whether the general manager is in the game during the competition. Intervene. This is the behavior of the League Ordinance, the Alliance Ordinance limits the types of players, coaches and other team officials during the competition, using electronic communication equipment. According to reports, the survey may be the fastest in this week.

Brown was questioned for 3 teams surveyed for suspected violations of the competition regulations. The new England patriots were investigated by «pneumatic» and the Atlantian Femplay was investigated by «noise door» (according to the report of the Falcon through the equipment people to increase the audience noise through equipment in the main court in the past two seasons.

New Black Panther donation to help local school playground

West Charlotte High School recently won the grass-roots assistance program $ 200,000 donation from the Carolina Panthers of the NFL and the foundation, so they can create the court.

One of the reasons why Kyle Shanahan left the team after the end of the season, it was obvious that he felt that the management was intervening to do things made by the coach. In particular, it is reported that the management is sent to Salunan during the game to tell him which tactics they want to use. Brown has never confirmed that the management did not deny the management to send text messages during the game. The team indicates that they are working with NFL investigations.

The money comes mainly from the NFL fund grassroots program, the construction of a football field by inviting local companies to raise $ 200,000. According to the foundation website reported that «The project is a non-profit, cooperation with financial and technical support to help companies improve quality, safety and use of the local stadium.» Grassroots program began in 1998, NFL and LISC invested 35 million dollars to 273 projects in the city to go. Those who have been helped to use the stadium so far. With these funds to local organizations to improve fitness equipment, Wholesale jerseys group activities and community activities to help improve community health.

This is very likely to be the alliance’s best all-round internal guards that are ideal for this contract. Since he entered the alliance in 2012, Chicley has been selected as a professional bowl, two degrees selected for a while and is rated as the best defensive player of the Alliance in 2013.

US time is reported on Friday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, the 2019 season kill Wang Baret will sign our own label contract. Barrett wanted to leave the team did not weakened, and he said that he wishes to sign a long last month. But according to reports, this professional bowl level, the team’s contract negotiation negotiations have not progressed.

Pirates, Baret, sign label contract

After several months, the pirate defensive dried, last year completed 19.5 Saquel, Shaquil Barrett, or the label contract, but he hoped to be able to change a position.

The focus of the patriot this allegation may be Jack Easterby. He has served as the Director of the Patriot Team Development, and this year’s offering period he joined Texas as a vice president responsible for the development of the team. He participated in the prince’s champion ring issuance ceremony.

A similar incident in the last alliance is also related to patriots. In December 2014, New York Jet Board Woody-Johnson (Woody Johnson) said that it would like to be a patriot’s corner Dalrer Revel Revis, can return to the team. Rewis signed a 5-year contract with jet in the 2015 break. Johnson was accused of not impacting the patriots players and was imposed on 100,000 US dollars.

NFL is the definition of unfairly influence: «An any member team conducted by another team’s employer employee relationship or a team attempt to attract others in the case of not allowed to join this ball. Team or work for alliances. »