Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Goff has 3 Drive, only 8 times, there is a turn of the ball and a copy, the impression is very poor, but the actual performance is not too much black. The most commonly used words when describing Goff is Sharp, open phase and Woods 16 code links, escaping, hunting in the FLAT area, find Brown, and is very attacked and purposeful. Then, like the murder of MACK last week, exposed to the right side of OL, and Goff himself had no vigilance for the rushing of this direction. Optimistic, as long as the player himself and the coach will pay attention to this issue, it is quite easy to fix it.

This seems to be a bit crazy to give a defensive player’s near-defense income. But look at Olivier Vernon’s contract with New York Giants, at least $ 17 million per year, and Frongen has completed 29 quartz to kill in the past four years.

If the university bowl represents the highest level of domestic waist flag, then the four invitation is just proves that the football movement is not only a good popularity in the ivory tower, but also sprouts, flourishing in the whole society. Beijing Shili Shop Primary School and Foshan Experimental Schools have made people amazed that many children have been involved in the movement of rugby.

Bear stars take over Marshall possible rib fractures

Bear, Brandon Marshall, this is not smooth in the courses on Thursday nights in the bear team on Thursday nights, which is 28 to 41, have become more frustrated. The ribs of the Chicago’s external hands were hit by a cowboy defenders, and the camera was taken by a ambulance away from the stadium to the hospital. Before he left, Marshall scored 61 yards three times, including a single-handed single-handed 42 yard. cheap nfl Jerseys knows that Ladport has reported that the Bear team believes that the Marshall rib fracture passed by a player injury information. Marshall is now inspected in the hospital, and the report has not yet come out.

The US time has not shown this running guard in the final injury report of the giant. After the injury in the third week, Buckley did not play the game, but he participated in this week’s full training.

5. Packaging workers take over Davante Adams (toe) will not play. External handle Maquez — Marquez Valdes-Scantling (ankle / knee) unable to determine the possibility, Jeronimo Allison (brain shock) is doubtful.

Message: Feng-Miller hopes to get $ 22 million per year

Denver’s Wild Horse’s Line Wild Von Miller is about to complete a big contract into a young man. According to the news, his contract may be equivalent to top quarter-saving income.

In combination, today’s Goff exposes some stability problems. Two mistakes have caused serious consequences, but they can be solved in the short term. On traits that truly observe the value, he and mannion should make fans peacefully. Quote olson: «Goff distance & lsquo; completed product & rsquo; there is a long distance, but his progress is very obvious.»

Packaging workers take over Datwan — Adams: Unable to determine when injured

Due to the Sixth Week, Green Bay Package was ateen on Monday Night Race, and the packaging workers took over Davante Adams to take a break. But this is not enough to let him return to the venue.

Goff today’s largest a Play is the front gear, starting 2 & amp; 7 at the distance 8 yard from the end area. The ram is emptied, and 4 taken is discharged, and a near-terminal array is on the right. There is no accident in the corresponding lightning, and the conventional 4-person rushing and Cover2.

Miller has completed 49 quarters in the same time. He has to strongly overfront, don’t forget his performance on the 50th super bowl, so it is only 5 million US dollars per year. This seems to be acceptable.

Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine defending NFL University Bowl, rugby enthusiasm ignited Beijing Chan Autumn

On October 30, Beijing’s temperature drops to approach zero this week, but there is a group of people who have not chosen home. In the early morning, they came to Fengtai Sports Center from all directions, although their gender, age Some of the unified clothing wearing colleges, some with helmets, armor, but their purpose is the same & mdash; & mdash; participated in popular American football movement.

On the morning of the day, after the semi-final, Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shanghai University of Technology have eliminated two host team Beijing Sports University Team and Beijing Institute of Technology to advance to final.

Adams’ injury hits huge for packaging engine offensive groups, and other young proximitys have not received four-point guards from the team. In the game, after the game, after the game, after Lost Adams, the packaging workers did not get the ball for the first time, and the quarterfielding points were also the lowest season of 85.2.

In addition, the NFL University bowl is also synchronized with the NFL event in the United States. October is the «International Breast Cancer Prevention and Control Promotion Month» with a pink ribbon. The game has also introduced the public welfare theme of Women’s Waist Flash Football Tournament. Female focuses on breast health. Teams participating in the competition are the manager of various colleges and universities in Beijing, usually for the team silently paid, in order to make a pink equipment, become a bright landscape in the field.

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