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Quartzwaki will participate in 40 yards and pass items at the university show day

Beijing March 13th, March 13th, the University of Oklahoma’s four-point Wei Kyle Murray will once again become the focus of the attention.

Murray measured during the physical measurement camp with a height of 5 feet 10 and 8, (approximately 1 meter 78), which became the most short quarter-free quarter-free quarter-free since 2003. However, there is a high-tech data «watering» called Murray. In addition, Murray weight is 207 pounds (approximately 94 kg).

Lynn has said that the four-dimensional Taylor, which is absent due to the mistakes of the team, can start after restoring. However, after seeing Herbert in the wonderful performance of the aviation, the black panther and pirate competitions & mdash; & mdash; three points are within a reachable & mdash; & mdash; Lynn changed its decision.

After two months of Washington Red Leather Transactions to San Francisco, this old will have a reorganized contract with New East Friday. This contract allows Williams to get half a salary of the new season and this salary is guaranteed.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the Hsman award winner will participate in the 40-yard sprint item at the University show and will participate in the pass trial. He will also make weighing and body data measurement again.

Williams is not absent cheap jerseys from china the red skin to the 2019 season. The last time he participated in the game or on December 30, 2018. When he returned to the court, he will protect the blind side of the 49 people attack the front line. The contract with Williams ensures that he will not dismiss, but the current 49 people can’t guarantee that he will keep him next year.

Murray is currently discussed in the current name of the candidate player. I have served as the general manager of the nfl jerseys team, and the Charley Casserly, which is currently the NFL TV guest, said that Murray’s team interview link was poor. Murray’s broker has made a role in Kelhesley, while Los Angeles Lynya Anthony Lynn is an impressive interview with Murray’s interviews in an interview.

Richardson has not ensured that it can be left in the crow. He will be held in Justin Forsett, Buck Allen, Lorenzo Taliaferro and Tenz WEST (Terrance West) Later. He wants to leave the team’s difficulty.

Ol is the true protagonist of famous movie «blind spots». In the 2015 season, he first sent 16 games to help the team entered the super bowl, but the third game last season announced that it was in the sick list. After being touched, Or released Tende said: «The injury of the brain is really scary, you need to pay attention to it.»

Jordan Howard has received eye surgery in May

July 2, May 2, when the Chicago Bear runs Jordan — Howard (Jordan Howard) once talked about weight loss ideas, he hoped that this will make himself a more efficient NFL player in his career.

Richardson tried in the early month, but finally did not get a contract. John Harbaugh, Hubble (John Harbaugh), later said that the crow and Richardson reached an informal agreement, and he also said that there is no team halfway to kill Richardson to make a better price code.

The 25-year-old Richardson has been unemployed in the 2015 season after being cut by the Auckland raid. He got an average of 3.3 yards per shock in his career. Last month, Richardson admitted that NFL became lazy. He is still overweight when participating in the crow test.