Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Austin is also likely to be a team’s abandonment. Stephen Jones, Executive Vice President, said that it is expected to make the Aust Tingfield touch 12-24 times. This is quite a lot, because Austin has been a rebound in the ram, and the game is 7.5 times.

Rhodin defensive cutoff Knitci body

Beijing July 27, Luobert NKEmdiche, still recovering the knee, crossed ligament torn injury, currently in the team in the unable training list. He has attracted a lot of gaze & mdash; & mdash; but because of your body.

NFL recently announced the penalty of 100,000 US dollars in New York Jet, because the team owner Johnson’s improper comment on Darrelle Revis. However, this punishment jet will not lose the chance of draft, because this type of punishment has never involved the selection of vain.

Moss is the 36-year-old Moss this year, and the New York jet and Washington red skin. Last season, he just got 133 offensive opportunities, completed 10 batches, and pushed 116 yards. Another old Michael Vick hopes that you can show yourself based on your union, but the team is interested in this interest.

Old will take over Mos, don’t plan to retire.

The 35-year-old old man will join the Santana Moss believe that he can find new east before the training camp. Moss said in an interview: «I am free player now, you all know the team’s attitude towards the veteran. I will enter your career in the 15th year, my broker is still in contacting some teams. Although some disappointed But I still enjoy the current life. I will not choose to retire. «

Before the draft, the red skin has been open to Moss, but as the team is selected from the fourth round of the fourth round Cheap Jerseys From China Duke University, Jamison Crowder, and 6th In the case of Ivan Spencer from Ohio State University, the team also got a door to Moss.

The cause of things is the new England Patriot prosecutor boss about: «very thankard of Darell’s return», because Rewick’s effectiveness of 6 seasons in the jet, he helped the patriot to get a super bowl, then He returned to the jet again. When Rewis and jet completed a large contract of 5 years of $ 70 million, the patriot boss said: «I really hope that we are still together», then the jet said the dissatisfaction with this remark, but the patriot is not Received any penalties cheap jerseys from china alliances.

As the first round show in 2016, Kenmy’s performance is not very good, and the problem is not small. He has played 27 games in the first three years, only 6 of them, and completed 4.5 times last year. The flush did not perform his fifth year contract option. Kenmy has an offline problem in the university. In June this year, he was arrested for violations.

Ye Premian’s pass became the only David of the Red Leather, if he chose to protect the ball, the dolphine team may become the only zero opponent on the superbit. (History Super Bowl Single Score, Minimum Team: The 6th Super Bowl Darlas Cowboy 24: 3 Miami Dolphin)

The steel man is close to Jesse Jesse James to complete 5 batches, advance 138 yards, and achieve a reach. The outer hand is taken by Juju Smith-Schuster completed 13 batches, promoted 121 yards, and achieved a reach. Antonio Brown completed 9 battles, but only 67 yards.

Said back to Ye Prémian, he realized that he was a big event, but there is also a possibility of compensating, so he began to block the Bars’ backcripplication route. But Bath is not AFLC, he is one of the most stronger 80 people in the history of the Red Leather, and the body is flashed, and the Ye Premian is behind, and then it is reached.

After all, it is a professional player. He instantly understands: «It turned out that I also aflc!» Just as he thought, the earth gravitationally had a ball to the ground, and there is no time to react, only reach the ball. However, his hand has broken the lower limit once again, not only passing the ball, but the ball is also a slag, a hard-student, a volleyball, and shoot the ball again. The Bath just arrived, «What is the number of evil gates?» But he didn’t think much, returned to the ball, and turned and attacked.

Triam TRVIS KELCE completed 7 batches, pushed 109 yards, got 2 reached. Extract Sammy Watkins completes 6 battles and promotes 100 yards. Tyreek Hill completed 5 battles, pushed 90 yards, and got a reachable. Chris Conley, Kareem Hunt and Demarcus Robinson have also received a ball.

[Review of the event] Mahmus six broken records, chiefs to win steel people

On September 17, the chief of the chief has won the second road, and the steel person’s record changed to 0 wins and 1 negative 1 flat.

NFL nearly 50 years classic battles: no password

I said: The player of the Kansas City Emirates Jan Stenerud is due to a major mistake, leading to the team and the Miami seventh dolphine team to fight for more than 3 hours, and finally being played by the Dolphin team. Yepray Yepremian looked. After that, Stanner Rue has lived in remorse. In fact, it is true that Ye Premian is fine.

After the first section, 21-0 backward steel people chased the score, but Mahmems did not give the other party’s anti-chance, he had 1:40 times in the game, but he successfully protected the ball. The right is not allowed to get the opponent. Steel people can only suffer from suffering.