Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Romo is known to endure the pain and have encountered rib fractures in two seasons but still choose to hold the game. Therefore, we can think that Romo will try to convince the medical team to give him a green light to this week. Of course, if this contusion affects the feelings of Romo and moves in your pocket, then the denim will still consider using their substitute quadrant Weeden — Vuitton WEEDEN.

According to NFL Media Reporter, Albert Breer reported that by two internal news from the denim, Romo is still observed daily by the team, whether it can play still depends on The degree of pain will not affect the game. Jerry Jones Jones Jones Jones Holds the same attitude towards this morning, and he said that the team is difficult to make a positive conclusion before the game, but Romo’s back and There is no relationship between the content of the rest period. Cowboologist Jason Galrett said Luo Mo will not conduct a lot of training on Wednesday.

Romo may miss the weekend to the stuff game

After the red skin of Washington, the Dallas Deni is convinced that the back of his main quitter Tony Romo will not affect this week’s game for the Luisan’s salad. But two days later, things seem to have changed.

This season the Giants have a lot of people because of injuries season. Wide receiver Odell — David Beckham (Odell Beckham), Brandon — Marshall (Brandon Marshall) and Dwyane — Harris (Dwayne Harris) in the fifth week the Giants lost to the San Diego Chargers offensive game after another injury setback Group. In the next game they lacked two linebacker and defensive group will probably be the best red setter Olivier — Vernon (Olivier Vernon).

Pony Maxis encourages the team: let the winning season

Indianapolis horses hope to return from injuries Robert Mathis to achieve recovery performance in the new season, and in turn, Masis hopes that Pony can reproduce the old championship. Season.

The report included three sources of sources, one of the people’s number of people will be controlled at 80 people, and their second did not disclose specific number, but «absolutely not 90 people». The third message source represents «hearing a lot of discussions about 75 people.» Considering that the preseason has confirmed that it will be reduced, the team is not as needed as many players to participate in the training camp as in previous years.

If Masis can play waste heat at the age of 34, the pony will benefit a lot. After this year’s break, after the addition of the offensive group, the four-point guardian Druk (Andrew Luck) has a new long threat and new speed threats that can be used, but the defensive group is still the biggest problem of the team. Jonathan Newsome, who became the player in the team in 6.5 times last season, and the number of murders in the entire defensive group can be photographed before the league, but they can’t be in the most important game Apply pressure to the opponent.

NFL is considering reducing the number of training camps

US Time Thursday, according to ESPN reporters, in order to fight new crown epidemics, prevent viruses from further spreading, the number of training camps may be reduced from the original 90 people.

Flush first striker Xie Puli knee

On August 7th, China has become the new coach of Arizona, Steve Wilks, said Steve Wilks, said that the offensive front line after the red tits will be one of the strengths of the team in the new season.

After losing the front guard Justin Ridge Berg and — in the case of injury Pew (Justin Pugh), the Giants will have against Aaron in the end — when Donald (Aaron Donald) of the Los Angeles Rams offensive line starters only two players . Brett — Jones (Brett Jones) will serve as the center again tackles Bobby — Hart (Bobby Hart) will replace the position of Pew.

Kenmdo is the first round show in 2016, but due to poor performance, there is no ball last season. According to reports, Kenmdo hopes to be able to have a chance to play in the Alliance and these details perform excellent in the trial of the Hawks.

After being selected by the first round of the red row, the Kenmdo’s birthday was held in the first two years, but did not start, and did not complete the killing. His performances in the 2018 season have improved, in 10 competitions (6 starts) complete 4.5 times, but the knee injury makes him end early season.

Hawks sign the first round of the first round of the first round of the defensive trip

US Time Thursday, Habit official announced that it will sign with the former first round of defensive cuts Robert Nkemdiche.

But now Wilks’ comments should be hit a question mark. On Monday, he announced the team’s first center A.Q. Xelley (A.q. Shipley) was torn before the knee before training, and he would therefore absent the 2018 season.

Fortunately, the red rickets were selected in the third round of this year, Mason Cole from Michigan, as the future center. However, Koore still needs to grow in the inside offensive front line, and he has three years to be left off in the 4 years.

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