Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

After the team of Chicago and Tennessee Titan ended the virtual off event, the Sapphire Crury, Kliff Kingsbury, told that the team would not have to continue to participate in the virtual break event, he Will see you again in the training camp.

Alliances and various teams can only continue to adapt to the status quo in the case of the epidemic. Usually this mini training camp is over. For the second year, Jinsuri, who was coach, the old players didn’t have to continue to participate in the training.

The actual game, even if a player has been brought under control off the ball, the opponent will still be pulled, trying to let it lose control of the ball again. At this time, the referee will whistle, and a layer Rendui poke at the referee in your ear makes you say it before, never let go, because the underlying Rendui, the referee could not see who got the ball , only to wait until the final judge confirmed before they can relax.

No need to say, Bris returning training is a great favorable team for the team, although focusing on Ryan Griffin and Luke McCown competition is quite interesting. Almost no one is doubtful, what he is hurt will soon recover, so his rapid return is not particularly surprised.

Beiler’s returns huge. The current second-line defensive lineup is one of the saints has the best history, but their current position is troublesome (such as Jairus Byrd) recovered from surgery, while Patrick Robinson (Patrick Robinson) ) Due to the undevened small injury leaving training). Of course, Beili has participated in many team meetings and players in their location, but seeing that he returned to the new season when he left a season, it was a great thing.

When the open area face off the ball, we must first determine whether it can guarantee to pick up the ball, followed by advancing even touchdowns. When the ball is still rolling, to control their stride frequency and stride, ready to scoop up the ball down the center of gravity of the body.

Wawabarena was 32 years old and Https://Pteforum.Com/profile/christalfernand/ was shot near Oaklo, and 4 people were injured on the spot. Brown I organized this action after I knew his pass news. His friends wrote on social media. Wawabrena never absent from any game of Brown, his fiancee bought a season of 2 seasons for him, and he purchased 2 days before this season. Season season.

The number of pall code in Rivers is also in front of history. Although he is a big distance from the first and second Bris and Braddy, he has a chance to exceed the fifth Miami Dolphin Naddan — Marino in the new season.

Important players return to Saint to reduce injuries

The training camp of the New Orleans Saints has been around for a long time, but the situation is starting. Drew Brees Since the left abdominal oblique maternal strap, wear armor training for the first time, and Changpu Beiley (unknown injuries), although not participated in any confrontation training, Warmat and location training,

The 38-year-old Philip Rivers and 42-year-old Tom Brady will become the fifth and sixth in the new season in the history of NFL, win more than 100 games after winning more than 100 games. The new team continues to serve as the first quarter-off. The Indiana Polisi, the Indiana Polis, will face the Jacksonville American tiger in the first week, while Brradi Joined Tampawan pirate will face the New Orleans Saints.

Williams and the defensive end of the previously signed defensive end J. J. J. J. Watt, the Malcolm Butler, helped the Red Spits to enhance the defensive group. In terms of offensive, the rickets signed Williams’ front teammates & mdash; & mdash; external take-up A.j. Green (A.j. Green), career bowl of central Rodney Hudney Hudson.

Whether offensive or defensive, in the face off the ball should be positive up to compete. Control the ball is the most important prerequisite in a football game, in particular, need to instill a new concept.

There are still many injuries that need to worry in the saints, but the injuries of the two important players in Buris and Bailei finally put down. There are still many times to return to the training before the beginning of the regular season, so the fans have no reason to worry. At present, everyone should be happy to return to these two star players.

After the 2018, the season was completed after at least 110 times, Williams’ status declined last season. He did not start the battle, and only 16 cockroaches were completed in 13 games, and he was banned from a serious foul.

When fighting off the ball, everyone has to flutter to the ground, the ball controlled within a range, while protecting their own to live, but also protect the lives of the ball not to be taken away opponents.

How to improve the success rate of grab off the ball

When a player loses control of the ball, this is what we call «off the ball» (fumble), except the ball. Grab «off the ball» (fumble recovery) is a very important thing in a football game, both offensively group, group defense, special teams will need to exercise the skill, the opponent can snatch the ball or protect one’s own offensive right. Especially in the crucial game, a successful challenge for the ball, can influence the situation in the game.