Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Which of the rookie is strong? The final answer should be no suspense is the Teddy Bridgewater of Viking. Although the 4th week has become a first pass, the first pass of the leader is reached, but 77.3% of the truth of this season. The hit rate (Union No. 4), 46.3% Long Leading Censions (League 10), the highest level of 75.2% of the league passed down the hit rate.

Know the feeling of making people, Andy Dalton. The first & mdash; yes, Wholesale jerseys it is the first & mdash of the team history, and the four defense is still playing the performance of the team after Sunday is killed 7 times. Can you believe this is in the past ten dialogue, is it the first time to win a jet? The first season of the first loss of Cincinnati, in 1968, the array of Joe Namath, the jet that finally won. Back to Sunday: A.j. Green’s 12 beautiful ball promoted 180 yards to win a trip to see how it looks? Let the Revis field look like «Revis Stops Welcome»

The eagle inside the Old, the old man, Demco-Lynes, only allows the opponent to take 13 shots in 230 gear, with an average of 17.7 times to guard against the opponent 1 time, and the highest in the alliance.

The left farm is the most reliable location in the crow. That’s why the outside world believes that although Lewis is absent in the initial stage training camp, he still has the opportunity to win the first.

When the crow began training battles, Lewis did not appear in the place of injury, he accepted the shoulder surgery during the offset period. And before the crow decided to cut him, Lewis just passed the medical examination.

This game seems to be gradually become a defensive group leading situation, Gallopo tried to grow in series line Bourne, but was attached to QUANDRE DIGGS to Copy and attacked 44 yards, directly enter Red area. After Chris Carson, Chris Carson was slammed, and his teammates helped him saved the ball. Wilson chooses yourself in the next offense, advance 14 yards to the first 3 yard lines before the end zone. Close-end Sweets — Jacob Hollister then relies on helmets to complement 3 yards to catch up, and the Hawks are superpoted.

After the start of the game, the Habigan defensive group came to Mawei: Shaquill Griffin copied the ball of Jimmy Garoppolo, but this defense due to Jamal-Taylor Jamar Taylor) The fouling of the talents is invalid. After Gallopo, he was killed once by Trequille Flowers. The ball finally tested in Chase McLaolin 43 yards, but the Habigan defensive end Solder Shadevian — Jade Clowney was injured in the front gear.

After the crow abandoned Lewis, the left front position will compete by Jermaine Eluemunor, James Hurst and the new Xiu Ben — Bowers, Balls (Ben Powers). Ilimno had seen the opportunity in competition, but he did not maintain an ideal body in the training report. As for Hest, it is reported that the crow wants him to serve as the extra attack of the front line formation. Bowers in the fourth round of this year’s selection of Powers trained in the initial stage of training camp. What is the competition in this location is worthy of attention.

When the game is in the second quarter, the lens is aligned with a staff who is using a heater to warm the ball to warm the ball, it is clear that he wants the ball to be soft and convenient for four-point guard. However, this does not conform to the alliance requirements, and Vice President Dean Blandino (Dean Blandino) said that the two teams have been warned during the game.

Alliance prohibits the team cheap jerseys From china heating football in any form

In the game of the Black Leopard in Carolina, the screen shows that the temperature of the scene is 7 degrees of Fahrenheit (about 20 degrees Celsius), such a low temperature makes all things so hard.

«Yes, you can’t use artificial means to make any changes to rugby, whether you throw the ball or kick the ball, you will not allow heating. With the arrival of December, the temperature will get colder and colder, we will continue this It is specified to notify each team.

The superb defense of the sea eagle continues to shop off the offensive group, Claien kills Gallo, causing the ball, Ford gave the ball, gave the attacked attacked position. Soon Cassen completed 1 code shock, the Hawks quickly became 21-10 leading from 7-10.

The center of the jet Nick Manove Moved This season only allows the other party to take the 7 times a shot pressure, 99 passed the success of the whole league. Mid-season Mid-Hamarm Wil-Montgomery’s passage protection has reached 98.9, which is also the best center for the best of this season.

The first week of the NFL regular season

The first week of 16 games, only 3 games differed in two balls. Wild horses, tigers, raids, harvesters, giants, patriots are all in the last time, with the key ball or the other person’s mistake, finally rely on 1-2 points, if the pony is finally brushing an security, the lion will also In this ranks.

The eagle’s Darun Srülles and the packageman’s McCa-Hyde have 2 abandoned kicks. Falcon returned German-Host this season in two attacks 63 times back to 1376 yards and 1 time abandoned back to reach, it is the strongest back to attack this season.

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