Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

However, this year, the transfer of lightning passes has a progressive progress. Therefore, so far, the total comment of the entire team has a total ratio of the total assessment of the entire League, and the score is substantially improved, and it is large to be beneficial to the rest. Signed the star slot from Brandon Flowers, where he is currently +10.1’s total score in all corner guards. Another important factor is the outstanding play of Jason Verrett, and the first game of careers has played the excellent performance of +3.5, which makes people look at it. Unfortunately, several games are not bright due to the difficulty of being injured by leg gluters, but it looks back on the way back to the right track.

33-year-old Miller was previously free players and is unlikely to play in the 2018 season. Retaining this old man is a decision of the bear strict. Miller will get $ 458,000 no matter if it is possible to play. If he can play, his salary will reach $ 790 million.

Of course, we can’t forget the largest player of the lightning defense group, Eric-Weddle, the Eric Weddle, which is in the United States, and the total rating rank is column 6. In addition, the second grade Gair-Dai (JAHLEL ADDAE) also manifests, and the first game of this season contributed +1.1 performance.

The little ladies are not launched by the Little Trust, Darius Leonard, and QUENTON NELSONs, but after the end of the old Phillip Rivers, they There is a vacancy in the four-defense position. At present, Xiao Ma still has the four-point guard of the contract in the body of Jacob Eason, Jacoby Brisett, is about to be free.

Illi said: «We believe that the team is very close (super bowl), we already have a very excellent core player, soon you can compete for super bowls. The most ideal situation is to get plug-and-play players, opportunities maximize.»

Sitch, who has begun to career at the 2016 5th year of $ 32.5 million in a $ 52.5 million contract. But he was absent from the back injury in the past. Then, the pirate has changed his contract, and he increased the injury protection terms while ensuring the income in 2017.

Best reached the Olympic selection for 10.16 seconds. His personal achievements in April 2 happened to 10.16 seconds. Despite the standards, he must wait for the entry of the entry. His personal achievements are not enough to entertaire 100 meters of the recent finals of the US Olympic selection.

In this year’s sniper, the pirates were signed in front of Ryan Jensen, which made Ali Marpet (Ali Marpet) can return to the striker. But cut Sshiqi may expose the lack of lineup depth of pirate offensive front line. This sharp line last season allows the opponent to get 40 times.

Switch started 14 games last season, but in December, the leg fracture was encountered in December. He is still recovering in the previous training period, and only the wall is in the past, 2016 Wuden Shikarbury — Bennochoch is replaced by his starting right striker.

Miller said before he would want to continue his career instead of this retiring. Although we never question the determination of the players, there must be a lot of difficulties to return to Miller to overcome. Now with this contract, he can continue to retain the hope of the return.

Cowboy defensive cut plus Tromo will be missed for 6-8 weeks

US time on Saturday, according to ESPN reporters, denim defensive cutaneous NEVILLE Gallimore, the left elbow in the 19-16 non-escalastous season, will be absent from 6-8 weeks.

Gary Moles showed excellent performance during the ranking season, and obtained the praise of Mike McCarthy and the defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. At present, there is a list of Carlos Watkins, Brent Urban, and https://Www.linux-mips.org/wiki/User:GenevaY477798 Justin Hamilton, and so on.

Lightning a weak item now has become a strong

This season, San Diego lightning continues the exceptional performance of the last half of the last season, with a position of the four-game winner to temporarily board the position of the United States. This season, the biggest difference between last year is the improvement of defense. The total score of the passing of the whole team’s pass on the game is only a bleak-47.6 points, and the team covers the highest score of Johnny Patrick. It can only be ranked 95th in the League.

Chicago bear and the old neighborhood arm Zick Miller signing for 1 year

Zach Miller continued to recover seriously from the serious knee injury encountered from the previous season. However, he will continue his career in Chicago Bear.

It is the excellent performance of these players, and lightning is so strong. With the amazing improvement of the defensive group, the offensive group under Philip Rivers led the offensive group is getting more robust, this year’s lightning is really expected to set off a big wave in the alliance.

In addition, near-end Edge Sen Mckeon is sprained, it takes a period of time rehabilitation. At present, the near-ended position of cowboy is relatively weak. Dalton Schultz is the same ankle, Brake Jarwin, last season, in front of the knee, in front of the knee, in the right The premium of the rickets just returned.

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