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Viking is close to and general manager Spirman last for many years

After ensuring that the coach Mike Qi Mer (Mike Zimmer will continue to stay in the next few years, Viking will also renew the general manager.

In the time of waiting for a super bowl, Eli will become a media attention. Pedon will become the focus of this time and Elays as Pedon’s brother and as the team’s number quarter-saving with superb bowls of experience in a unique location.

Chicago local media reported the story of White and his friends together. White has already got a doctor’s license to participate in running training, but the biggest obstacle is trusting the legs that have been treated. We can think he has across this obstacle.

The official opening of the level of the card is also on the line, and all the clues of the final answer have been launched. You can give the answer to the answer to become our NFL super player. The top 20 can get prizes! Call your brain and move your fingers!

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The stories of the White Race will definitely let the bear fans feel more comfortable at the beginning of the break training. After the Bear team gave up, the Brandon Marshall was abandoned, White was considered to be a partner of Alshon Jeffery in replacing Marshal. But instead they can only rely on Marc Mariani. White’s return is that the bear is a first roundabout this year.

Shao Bu was a long-term initiative of the Auckland raid by the Auckland raid, but he was more reasonable in the crow as a crow as a four-point Guo Joe-Vlaco (Joe FLACCO). Fraco has always been a trier in its NFL career, since he first entered alliances since 2008. In Keith Wenning and Bryn Renner are the only two-point guard in the crow array, Shaohu will be safe guaranteed to provide this location as the old.

In the past two games, the Titan offensive group led by Mario Tower was poor. In the fifth week competition against the array of Faro, Mario Tag was killed 5 times, the offensive group was only promoted by 252 yards under him, and tried that three-speed conversion was only 4 times. In the game game against Dainfon Musaba, Mario Cap can’t lead the offensive group in the 9-wave attack, 18 times of passing only 7 successful 63 yards, there are 2 passes to be copied, then he Replaced by Tannell.

Elays Manning: A game should not affect Pedon’s achievements

Eli Manning has become the most valuable player in a superbit in his career. For this year’s super bowl, he will come to his second brother, Denver Wild Horse, Petty, Manning, PeiTon Manning.

If you have kept health, White, Jeffrey and Eddie Royal (Eddie Royal) have the potential to become the most comprehensive and most deadly three-person junction combination in the alliance. At present, this is «if» that all three people can be true.

As for the grievances of the brothers, Eli said that he didn’t have the right to boast his buddy to his buddy, and there was a champion ring & mdash; & mdash; at least now. «No, there is no right to boast. We all know that this is the credit of the team. If everything goes well, a player can’t control the results of the whole season or a game because there are too many other situations,» he said. «I have never mentioned this, we have never been more than any championship, we have never discussed this matter, this matter has never entered our discussion.»

When Penon may usher in his career, his achievements will naturally become a topic, but Eli believes that the super bowl of the Black Leopard against the Carolina should not be too heavy. «Honestly, I think it is too heavy for the championship ring and the super bowl of champion, because this is not just a player’s credit,» Eli continued. «Quadrupleness is not the only reason you win the championship. It is the team to win the champion.»

Bear external connections are expected to fully participate in the rest training

When the Chicago bears started training during Monday, Kevin White is finally capable of participating. White missed the entire rookie season after receiving surgery treatment of tibia stress fractures.

When the game is backed up, it is slightly colorful than the Mario Tag, Tamnel’s performance. His success rate led the team to break through the half, and the passing of 144 yards. But he was killed 4 times, and there was a pass of a pass.