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the recommend who’s presently a resident of lapas suka miskin bandung, said he become now not afraid and would never go into reverse to continue to reveal the case, both in the maupin court docket through an open letter. oc kaligis for the umpteenth time unfolded about the case of the alleged homicide that allegedly ensnared novel baswedan while serving inside the bengkulu police. jakarta information — prof.

novel organization’s prison efforts associated with twk ran aground, finishing with the defeat of novel baswedan. however, the court’s choice erga omnes, the very best above the other court selections, continues to be no longer inclined to be obeyed by both the ombudsman and komnas ham. the national insight test is an order of the law. then wherein will nkri be unique as a country of regulation? komnas ham is even nonetheless looking to meet the president, to speak about the findings of the national take a look at he tested.

some of names had been also dragged into the case of assignment management. masaro, returned the kpk within the case of nazaruddin. not to mention the deterrent of being mark in the case of pt. nazaruddin changed into even able to meet chandra hamzah in individual in his study. antasari managed to clean up the kpk, even because of his braveness to arrest the president of sby pohan’s brother, antasari become subsequently thrown into prison via case engineering.

i item due to the fact benih is still a suspected deponeering corruption. how can a suspect be prosecuted and seem at an ethics listening to? seedlings are present as members of the ethics examiner. his name became by no means restored. supporting media, in no way open the rotten function of chandra hamzah despite the fact that revealed numerous times nazaruddin’s meeting with chandra hamzah. examination of the code of ethics in the nazarudin generation, i attended with my advise brother boy and dea tunggaesti. but my objections were left out by means of abdullah hehamahua as the leader of the ethics examination.

«the whole lot i have opened and what i say is all the records of the title of the police case, i am no longer afraid despite the fact that i’m now a resident of lapas suka miskin. that is all i do to prove that the regulation isn’t always reduce down and there may be no impunity,» said oc kaligis, through an open letter received, tuesday (12/14/2021).

and so on, no greater picked slashes. komnas ham does now not care approximately the killing of civilians in papua who are scavenging windfalls, constructing roads? or the human rights violations in poso that slaughter civilians through anarchist groups? i am not an professional at organizing road justices or collecting professors for imaging, as novel et al did.

the letter is open to all criminal observers, i prof. otto cornelis kaligis, now domiciled in regulation whilst in lapas suka miskin, together invites all fellow criminal advisors who have a moral sense of justice to mirror on the collapse of law enforcement on indonesian earth.

of route, the ones present were disappointed, along with ethics member dr. the final result of abdullah hehamahua’s decision became to unfastened chandra hamzah from moral violations. none apart from to compare the verdict of kpk deputy commissioner lili pintauli siregar with members of commissioner chandra hamzah, benih and friends. why is the history of the event revisited? in contrast to the moral examination of lili pintauli siregar’s brother.

do no longer care about the radical baswedan motion that pronounced almost all kpk officers in the era of revision of the kpk regulation. they’re higher in shape to lapas, than you are. their purpose is obvious. destroying the kpk as well as restoring the supremacy of the taliban investigation organization by using abdullah hehamahua. if bareskrim budi waseso become nonetheless serving there, i accept as true with there had been many kpk individuals imprisoned.

figures who manipulate the media, manipulate icw, ngos, ombudsman, komnas ham and all professors who are ignorant of the regulation so effortlessly provoked, to conspire with novel baswedan just to misinform regulation enforcement. i dare say here, the purpose of the crumble is simply because of the movements of a suspected molester and murderer named novel baswedan.

Kejar Kekebalan Tubuh, Vaksin Kejari Jakpus Sasar Pelajar - matafakta.comwhy did no media dare to report the information of the bengkulu district court’s ruling, which ordered that novel baswedan be attempted right away? the question is, did lili pintauli’s brother influence the case of the mayor of tanjung balai? the have an effect on of novel baswedan to undermine the rule of thumb of law of the republic of indonesia is certainly remarkable. are not they purported to be examples of law enforcement? now not in preference to coming into a terrorist executioner’s defense organization? regardless of the ethical punishment towards lili, the press supporters of novel baswedan constantly led the information to dissolve the kpk led via firli bahuri. to freeze the crook case of novel baswedan only, until a meeting turned into held between the top of kpk commissioner agus rahardjo and lawyer widespread prasetyo, particularly to talk about the homicide case novel baswedan so as no longer to hold.

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