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Very much familiar and highly preferred, olive oil is a magical remedy against myriad of hair concerns.

Be it dry scalp, dandruff, rough hair or any other hair problem, olive oil works effectively. Thus, those who have been thinking that they will never ever be able to flaunt their long and shiny tresses, give self a break. Fret not! There's a lot that can be done with this simple remedy.

Over the years, there are several hair salon set up and are myriad of hair treatment to choose from, but still there are a few natural remedy that just can't be overlooked in terms of its effectiveness. There are myriad of people who are familiar to many benefits of the same, exceptions are always there.

The follow up of this write up is dedicated to all those who are not really familiar with myriad of benefits of this remedy. Be it therapeutic or culinary uses, this remedy just wins over. Going by experts recommendation, apart from treating many hair problems, this remedy works magically against keeping cholesterol and ulcers in control.

Below mentioned is an overview of hair treatment that can be applied at home:

  • Take a few tbsp. of olive oil in a bowl. If you prefer keeping the oil in refrigerator, try to bring it out prior to one hour of making the remedy. The basic idea is to make the oil come at room temperature.

    Once it's done, be prepared for the further process.

  • Subsequently, it is advised to wear some old clothes so as to avoid accidental splashes and spills, which otherwise becomes a matter of annoyance.
  • Now do a centre partition to ensure that oil your hair evenly.

    There are a few who randomly oil their hair, which should definitely be avoided. Just try and do it in an organized way. Either dip the finger tips in oil or cum scapam de dermatita it would be great to use cotton balls for the same. Now massage your hair evenly and keep doing it until you feel that the whole scalp is covered.

  • Do not rinse it off immediately; you must keep it for atleast 30-45 minutes.

    It is advised to repeat the process atleast thrice a week. If it is too much to be taken care of then make it twice a week affair. If you want to have soft and silky hair, it would be great to go with steaming option.

This article talking about the using a olive oil. Moreover, you can get tips from reputed , and .

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